Packing Tips

19 May

Packing Tip – Boxes

Packing Tip: Write the room and the contents of each box on the sides of the box. If you’re feeling tech savvy, create an spreadsheet that tracks the contents of each box. Simply do a search for the item that you need and you’ll know which box to open!

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16 May

Tip of the Day

Packing tip of the day : If you can hold it in your hand, drop it on a hard surface and break it – put it in a box. If you do not have a box that is big enough, give McCarthy Transfer & Storage a call at 619-596-2594. We probably have the perfect box […]

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8 Nov

Open Me First

Moving Tip – Open Me First As you are packing your belongings for your move, you should also be thinking about unpacking. Plan a specific “Open Me First” box for the kitchen, bathroom and misc items you will need for when you first move in with items that are useful immediately following your arrival at […]

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When Should You Start Preparing for Moving Day? If there was one piece of advice we want to emphasize, it is to never wait too long to ready yourself for moving day. You can be the most organized person around, but chances are something unexpected will come up that will throw you off course. It […]

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7 Reasons to Let the Experts Pack your Boxes Have you ever hired a professional mover? Have you ever let a professional mover pack your boxes? For some people the answer is, “Yes, wouldn’t do it any other way!” And for others? More to the tune of, “Are you crazy? I’d never let someone else […]

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20 Jul

Follow these tips for labeling your moving boxes for your move It’s not a big secret that packing up an entire home can prove to be a truly overwhelming job. In fact, it’s one of those pre-move tasks where extra non-professional or professional help is strongly advised. In the end, should packing up all your […]

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1 Dec

Tips for Proper Packing

Packing Tips for a Smooth Move Let’s roll up your sleeves and do some packing. The one area you can truly save money when moving is during the packing but let’s make sure you pack everything correctly. Poor packing is the most common cause of breakage during a move. First things first, get rid of […]

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1 Oct

Moving Appliances

Getting your appliances ready for your move is more important than you may realize. The packing boxes and preparing your appliances must be completed before the moving truck arrives. When preparing large appliances for your move, there are special precautions you need to take. Your movers will do all the heavy work of safely moving […]

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22 Sep

Should I use plastic storage bins to pack? You thought plastic totes may seem like a good idea for packing and moving, they’re actually not. They’re not designed to withstand the weight of other packed totes and boxes when they’re stacked floor to ceiling. Since their edges don’t meet, and they don’t hold their shape […]

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