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31 Jan

Protect Yourself

Make the right decision when choosing your mover! While always a factor in buying anything, do not select a mover on price alone. Get Recommendations Ask friends, coworkers, and your real estate agent. You can also find prospective movers in your area by contacting the California Moving and Storage Association (CMSA) on-line or by calling […]

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7 Dec

Need a Move in San Diego?

Need movers in San Diego County? Then there are some facts you need to understand about local movers, and here they are. We know that every year, one-third of renting Americans end up moving. We also know that 35.6% of Americans aged 20 to 24 move yearly, as do 30.7% of people aged 25 to […]

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When your moving within California… California Moving companies are regulated by the Public Utilities Commission (PUC). Household goods moving companies obtain permits from the PUC after showing financial and safety fitness. They must also prove to the PUC that they have adequate insurance and they are subject to criminal background clearance by the California Department […]

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9 Sep

You Need a Professional Mover! Hiring a professional San Diego mover can make a very stressful day into one that allows you to settle into your new home with ease. Moving can be both emotionally and physically draining – handling delicate or heavy bulky items with care requires specific moving skills and the proper equipment. […]

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26 Jul

Moving in San Diego

Prior to getting an in-home estimate we find that many customers have under-estimated the amount of time is needed to properly move their belongings. I think the key word here is properly. Professional movers are going come with tools to disassemble your beds, provide you with wardrobe boxes to move your hanging clothes, they will […]

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