How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving
13 Jan

How to Protect Your Furniture When Moving

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Are you moving and need to protect your furniture?

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Plastic wrap, stretch wrap, shrink wrap—whatever you call it, is a must-need moving supply if you want to ensure your furniture and other belongings are secure and protected. Plastic wrap only sticks to itself, protecting your table without any sticky glues or residues. Wrapping your furniture will help when moving in the winter, or any other time of year.

How to wrap your belongings with plastic wrap

You can use plastic wrap in many different ways when it comes to relocating your goods.

Here are suggestions from our professional movers on how to use plastic wrap effectively.

  • Secure any cables, wires, or cords, bundle them, and organize them.
  • Fasten any insulation or padding without using sticky adhesives or tape.
  • Cover any liquid items to prevent any leaks
  • Bundle long items like carpets, rugs, rods, and any other things that can be awkward to store or handle

How to use Plastic wrap for furniture

Packing furniture is a widespread use for plastic wrap during a move. Follow these suggestions and protect your belongings!

  • First, we want to make sure everything is clean! Besides, cleaning now means less cleaning during move-in day.
  • If you’re moving any tables, couches or other large furniture, disassemble what you can. Even though disassembly can be an extra step, wrapping up your furniture when it’s disassembled is much easier because it is more compact. Not only is wrapping easier but moving your disassembled furniture through tight hallways will be much simpler!
  • If you have any delicate items or surfaces, like antique wood or fine leather, wrap them with paper or cloth padding before adding a layer of plastic wrap. This extra layer will help prevent your furniture from having moisture problems and add additional protection. Don’t forget to protect any corners with cardboard or foam!
  • Don’t just use plastic wrap to secure drawers or doors; cover the entire piece of furniture and maximize security and protection during your move!

Do you need to order plastic wrap for your move?

Although you can find plastic wrap in most grocery stores, make sure to purchase plastic wrap made for moving. Not only are plastic wraps made for carrying much more robust, heavier items, but they are also available in many sizes! You can contact us today and purchase plastic wrap and other moving supplies. If you have any further questions regarding plastic wrap and moving, do not hesitate to call!

Because we are an agent of National Van Lines, you can expect us to have the best moving supplies available. Are you moving outside of California? Check out our other locations in the United States and see how we can help you relocate today!

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