8 Nov

Open Me First

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Moving Tip – Open Me First

As you are packing your belongings for your move, you should also be thinking about unpacking. Plan a specific “Open Me First” box for the kitchen, bathroom and misc items you will need for when you first move in with items that are useful immediately following your arrival at your new home. These items include basic cookware, toiletries, pet supplies, and anything else critical to daily life. Clearly label the box and make sure you know where it is before the movers leave you home.

Utilize your luggage and pack an overnight bag for everyone in the house. it should contain items you will need to get ready for the day just like you would pack for an overnight trip out of town but pack for two days. Make sure to include a change of clothes for tomorrow and the next day. This allows for some extra time to get to your unpacking as well as an additional outfit to change into in case something gets spilled on or becomes sweaty from heavy lifting. Don’t forget PJ’s and sheets for your bed as there is literally nothing worse than finally wanting to sleep and having to search for linens.

1. Aluminum foil or plastic wrap
2 Break-proof or disposable flatware, cups, and plates
3. Coffee maker and coffee (don’t forget the filters!)
4. Dish detergent and a sponge or two.
5. Frying pan and spatula
6. Pet food and bowls
7. Scissors
8. Paper towels

1. Bath mat
2. Bath towels
3. First-aid kit (aspirin, band-aids, hydrogen peroxide)
4.Shampoo & Conditioner
5.Shower curtain and rings
6. Soap
7. Toilet paper
8. Toothbrushes and toothpaste

1. Light bulbs
2. Hammer & screw drivers
3. Assorted screws and nails
4. Trash bags
5. Flashlight
6. Fresh clean sheets for your bed & favorite blanket

Just remember, when packing these boxes make sure to keep them separate from any other boxes, especially if you have any help loading, unloading or packing your things. This will prevent them, and their very important contents, from becoming lost.

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