1 Oct

Moving Appliances

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Getting your appliances ready for your move is more important than you may realize.

The packing boxes and preparing your appliances must be completed before the moving truck arrives. When preparing large appliances for your move, there are special precautions you need to take. Your movers will do all the heavy work of safely moving your appliances and the actual transporting of them to your new residence. They will bring them in and set them where they belong but they cannot “service” your appliances.

It is important to prepare the appliances so they can safely withstand the entire moving process including being moved on a hand truck, transit in and out of the moving van, storage, etc. This process normally includes bracing the tub on your washing machine, dryer, and anything that requires extra support. Servicing is not limited to capping gas lines, water lines, ice makers, and satellite dishes.

We recommend consulting the owner’s manual before you decide whether to hire a professional to service your appliances. If needed, your mover can usually recommend a third party to assists in servicing your appliances.

Your appliance moving preparation responsibilities include:

  • Disconnect appliances AND reconnect them in the new residence. These include ice makers, washer, dryer, etc.
  • You will need to thoroughly clean the exterior of your appliances
  • Thoroughly clean the interior of all appliances and ranges especially
  • Refrigerators and freezers will need to be fully emptied of water and fully dried
  • Grease build up and heavy amounts of dust, food, etc will need to be removed

Cleaning and care instructions can be found in your owners manual. If you cannot locate your owners manual you may find some basic information online. Go to your appliance manufacturer website for further instructions.

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