Reliable California Movers
29 Oct

Reliable California Movers

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Whether you’re moving from California to another state or you are currently a resident and relocating to another part of the Golden State, you are going to need a reliable California movers that knows what to expect.

Long-distance moving can be challenging, but if you have the help of a professional moving company, the challenges will be much easier to navigate. So how can you find a reliable moving company in CA? Read on to find out!

Ask for Recommendations

If you have people in your life that have used movers in the past few years, ask them about their experiences. Their recommendations (or warnings!) can help steer you towards a moving company with a good reputation. Another good resource for this will be your realtor if you’re working with one.

Get More Than One Moving Estimate

Make sure you have some selection when it comes to choosing your movers. Taking the time to get at least three estimates for your move will help you decide which is the best.

Check Out the Company

Make sure the company you’re looking at is who they say they are.

Is there an address on their website? If not, call and ask for one.

Is the mover licensed in your state? They should have a U.S. DOT number if they are licensed, interstate movers.

Is the moving company professionally accredited? This is a great way to see if your potential movers are reputable—trade associations vet their applicants before granting them membership. Check to see if the California moving company you are considering is a member of the American Moving and Storage Association; they should have a seal on their website somewhere if they are!

Does the moving company have a good track record with the Better Business Bureau? Check out the BBB for free, and if the company isn’t listed with the BBB or has an unsatisfactory rating, don’t give them your business.

As a partner of National Van Lines, we offer fantastic long-distance moving services as well as local moving services.

Know What Is a Red Flag

In the moving industry, a significant indicator that you’re not dealing with a trustworthy moving company is if they ask for money up-front. If they’re asking for a deposit upfront, they may be scamming you. Also, consider how professional the company is while they do their estimate. They should be on time, know what they are doing, and be able to answer your questions. Trust your gut if they can’t do these things and move along to another, more reputable moving company.

Moving is a big deal, and anyone you hire for your move should treat it as such. Using these tips should help you find trustworthy movers in California, like McCarthy Transfer & Storage. Allow us to give you a free moving quote for your California move.

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