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Need a Move in San Diego?

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Need movers in San Diego County? Then there are some facts you need to understand about local movers, and here they are.

We know that every year, one-third of renting Americans end up moving. We also know that 35.6% of Americans aged 20 to 24 move yearly, as do 30.7% of people aged 25 to 29. That squares with studies that show young people are overwhelmingly choosing to rent, and explains why Americans as a whole are so likely to relocate more often than their parents.

While college kids might rely on offers of free pizza and beer to move their second-hand furniture, at a certain point, you age out of asking friends to help you move. And if you need to find local movers for an upcoming apartment, house, or office relocation, then there’s one crucial tip you need to know. If you’re hiring local movers, hire LOCAL mores in San Diego.

That might seem obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people get this wrong. The best movers in San Diego are based right here in El Cajon. If you work in the moving industry, then you’ll find no shortage of horror stories about moving companies that hold people’s possessions for ransom or change the price on move day. In these situations, the police often decline to intervene, instead referring victims to civil courts. That’s because national moving companies rely on subcontractors to ship freight across the country, and those subcontractors are often sketchy operators with no qualms about ripping off hard working Americans. But when you hire moving companies in San Diego with a San Diego address, not an anonymous P.O. box located in whichever state has the best tax breaks, you’ll end up dealing with your neighbors, not some faceless corporation that treats your most prized possessions like numbers on a spreadsheet.

So if you’re planning a move within San Diego or within the state of California, you’ll want to hire a local San Diego based moving company.

The best way to avoid hidden fees and overpriced “local” movers? Hire movers in San Diego that are from San Diego, with a history of operating in the city you love so much. Not only are you putting money back into your community’s economy, but you’re more likely to have a positive moving experience.

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