26 Jul

Moving in San Diego

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Prior to getting an in-home estimate we find that many customers have under-estimated the amount of time is needed to properly move their belongings.

I think the key word here is properly. Professional movers are going come with tools to disassemble your beds, provide you with wardrobe boxes to move your hanging clothes, they will wrap your furniture to protect it during the move and they are going to load everything into the truck so that nothing gets damaged during the transportation to your new home.

Your friends (if they show up) on the other hand are just looking to get this over and done with so they can have that promised pizza and beer.

Moving does take time, but hiring professional movers will reduce the stress and in the long run save you money from having to replace damaged furniture or a visit to the doctor because your sprained or strained a muscle or two. Once you use a professional mover to move, you will never again ask your friends for help; instead just invite them to a housewarming party.

The key to a smooth move is to be prepared. Box everything that is not a piece of furniture. If an item does not fit into a box and it is sentimental, expensive, fragile or all of the above either move this item yourself or make sure that your mover knows about its importance to you. They will make sure this item gets the attention it deserves.

Getting an accurate estimate will also reduce the stress of moving. Call us today at 619-596-2594 to schedule a free in-home estimate.

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