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How to move a Tempurpedic mattress the right way

It’s common knowledge that investing in your sleep is essential for a healthy life. We find it no surprise that people are willing to spend over $5000 on a Tempurpedic mattress. Regardless of cost, memory foam mattresses are becoming more popular because they offer more benefits than most innerspring counterparts. 

Moving a Tempurpedic mattress can be challenging compared to your average innerspring. 

One of the most significant differences between the two is price. Damaging the usual innerspring can cost you hundred versus thousands on a Tempurpedic. 

Do you know how to move a Tempurpedic mattress without damage?

Depending on the quality of the coils, innerspring mattresses are usually more durable and keep their shape. 

Although Tempurpedic mattresses are flexible, we recommend making enough space in your vehicle or container to keep them as flat as possible to prevent any damage. 

Can you bend a Tempurpedic mattress without damage?

Tempurpedic mattresses are flexible for short amounts of time. While this can be an advantage, the ideal orientation for the bed is flat. 

Tempurpedic warns consumers only to fold their mattresses “only if absolutely needed.”

If you need to fold your Tempurpedic, follow the manufacturer’s guide. Different models require different procedures to ensure protection. 

Are you moving from California to New York? 

Don’t even think about folding your Tempurpedic. Likewise, laying your memory foam mattress on its side for an extended time can cause it to crack.

If you can, pack your Tempurpedic last! Memory foam mattresses are for people. Placing objects on top can warp the foam and push the layers out of place. 

Waterproof your Tempur-Pedic 

The Tempur-Pedic product care manual makes it very clear that the memory foam should never get wet. You never know what can happen during a move, and it’s best to prepare for anything.

Purchase the MattressProctector by Tempurpedic or something equivalent to protect your mattress from moisture. For an extra $100, you save your $5000 bed from water damage. For additional protection, purchase a mattress bag at your local hardware store for as cheap as $5. 

By chance, your memory foam gets wet. Remove any liquid or precipitation immediately. You can use a fan to dry the area further.

Unpacking a Tempurpedic Mattress

Unpacking a Tempurpedic can be a two-person job. A California king-sized model can weigh over 120 lbs and be a challenge if you have multiple flights of stairs. 

Some models of Tempur-Pedic have handles on the side of the mattress. However, these handles are not capable of supporting the weight of the mattress. Instead, use these handles to reposition the bed over the frame. 

If you get a friend’s help to move your Tempurpedic, make sure they understand your bed’s limitations—experienced long-distance movers have tools like mattress slings for carrying specialty items like memory foam mattresses. 

Reassembling a Tempurpedic Mattress

Reassembling your bed should be on the list for your day one priorities. Give yourself somewhere to sleep and get the energy you need to complete your move. Organizing your household is going to take more than one day. 

Before assembling your bed, we recommend looking at the instruction manual and keeping it on hand. Remember to build the bed in the room you want it in! Tempurpedic mattresses are heavy!

Check out what to do after a cross-country move when you finish assembling your bed.

How to store your Tempurpedic Mattress

Do you need to store your Tempurpedic for an extended time?

If you decide to store your Tempurpedic, make sure to keep it in a climate-controlled environment to prevent any damages. Tempurpedic mattresses are climate-sensitive. Memory foam hardens with exposure to cold conditions for an extended time. 

If you are in the military and preparing for a DITY/PPM move, this information may save you thousands of dollars. If you still decide how to get your stuff to your next home, check out this feature on PPM versus military moves. 

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