Cross Country Moving
20 Apr

Cross Country Moving

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Moving Cross Country in the Checklist

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So you just finished moving cross country. What’s next?

You made it. You took on the planning and faced the trials and tribulations of moving out of state, and you’re in a new city. You’re all set to start your new life!

Well, not exactly. First you have to unload all those boxes you just trucked down the freeway.

What you need is a trusted partner. The best way to move across county is to hire a service whose staff will take on the grunt work while you plan for your bright new future. You need to hire cross country movers. Moving and not sure what to do with your plants? Check out this handy guide to moving with plants from our friends at Charles Wood & Son Moving & Storage.

Search online for a respected moving company that will unpack your boxes, sparing you lower back pain and guaranteeing peace of mind. Find a company that comes equipped with supplies designed to protect and store your cherished items. Hire one that will reimburse you if anything breaks.

Now that you’ve hired movers, your work is done, right? Not quite. If you use this checklist for moving cross country, the big day will be a snap:

Before your items arrive

Things are sure to go smoothly if you make a to do list for moving.

For starters, you should check every entry point to ensure window and door locks work. Report anything that needs replacement or repair, before it’s too late.

Next, locate and test the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. This is a good time to change the batteries, too.

You should even go so far as to check every faucet, water heater, outlet, breaker box, meter, refrigerator, air conditioner, security system, oven and range. Just turn them on an off to confirm they work. Find the water control valves inside and outside your new home. Be sure to report any problems.

Let’s talk cleaning. You should do some dusting to give yourself a clean working environment as you move in. But don’t go nuts. You’ll need to clean more thoroughly after the messy moving process is complete.

If you’ve hired a professional moving company, its staff should communicate with you throughout the day. Give them list detailing where your items need to go. You definitely should come prepared with a check list when moving out of state.

Let the unpacking begin

As your furniture and boxes are taken from the moving van, check each item off your list one by one. This is the time to record any visible damage. (Tip on moving across country: When you label boxes in advance, it helps movers put things in the right place.)

If you take a moment to read our packing and moving tips, you’ll know it’s wise to pack an “essentials kit.” Put everyday plates, silverware, pet dishes and kids’ toys together and place them in a box marked “Open First.” This will help you get your new household up and running before unpacking is complete.

From there, turn your attention to large furniture pieces such as beds and tables. You’ll need someplace to eat dinner and crash after move-in day!

After the move-in

You might not complete the move-in process in a single day. Your short-term priorities should include making your new home safe for pets and small children. You may need to block off certain areas until everything is put away.

In the days after the move, your attention should turn to details such as updating your driver’s license and insurance records with your new address. Did you know premiums can change based on your ZIP code?

Speaking of details, getting a good look at your new appliances presents an opportunity to write out a maintenance checklist. Creating a log will help you remember when each appliance will need to be repaired and replaced.

Places to see, people to meet

By now you’ve had enough of duties and responsibilities. Once you’ve completed your moving checklists, it’s time to explore your new community! Perhaps you’ve already done your homework the neighborhood online, but there really is no substitute for a walk – or drive – around your new surroundings.

A neighborhood stroll could present the opportunity to meet neighbors and ask them about the local restaurants and amenities. You can also get the scoop on reputable repair services and medical care in the area.


McCarthy Transfer can help make your move as smooth and stress-free as possible. Click here for a free moving quote or give us a call at 877-590-2810 to discuss you’re upcoming move! Because we are an agent of National Van Lines, we can take you anywhere!

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