17 Aug

How To Begin To Prepare For A Cross Country Move

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Preparing for an out of state move

Preparing for a move across country is half of the battle! Your first order of business is to begin cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering. Out of state moving is based on weight and distance, so why move things you don’t want or need? This process should take place at least two months prior to your moving date so you have ample time to get as much work done as possible. Here is a simple three step plan to prepare for your cross country move:

Clean, Clean, & Clean Some More!

If you are anything like the average American, then you’ve probably been putting off Spring cleaning for a few years now. Take this opportunity to clean, dust and put everything away. Why should you be doing this? It’s impossible to take stock of what you have and what you need if you can’t find anything, and you’re going to need to clean up your house or apartment before you move on anyway. Besides, dust bunnies never chip in for gas, they’re dead weight.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Items

Purge! Do not take unnecessary items with you. Trust me; you really won’t be needing your term papers from high school again – ever. Throw them out. Do you have clothing in every size imaginable in styles no one even recognizes anymore? Donate them! The less you have to pack or take with you, the better. If you have enough stuff to get rid of, have a yard sale. The extra cash can go towards your moving expenses!

Think you’re done paring down your belongings? Think again. Now we’re going to take stock of things you own that you might be better off re-purchasing when you get to your new home. The size and weight of your load will increase your cost of moving greatly. Don’t take the washer and dryer your grandparents passed down to you that wobbles and only works on the shortest spin cycle, you can buy a brand new-to-you used set on Craigslist when you get settled in. Take this into consideration as you look at everything you own. If it’s heavy, near the end of its usable life, or easily replaceable then consider buying a new one later.

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