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Hiring an Ethical Moving Company

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Hiring an Ethical Moving Company

Reposted from article at the BBB

Moving is disruptive and stressful enough without adding to it by hiring an illegal and unprofessional moving company that are often referred to as “rouge” movers. These companies are usually “cheaper” but only in the initial sales pitch. Bait and switch is common with these sorts of companies starting with a low price and then charging much more after holding your goods hostage. And that is just the beginning of your possible woe. These companies are not licensed, which means their ownership hasn’t been checked for criminal violation(s), they have not demonstrated the solvency to operate a business, and they have not demonstrated their knowledge and understanding of the relevant governmental rules and regulations. And best, as in worst, of all, they are usually not insured which means your home and precious possessions will not in insured for any loss or damage, and if one of the workers were to be injured, you may be held liable and sued.

And unfortunately, even some legally licensed and insured companies should be avoided. A legally licensed company does not necessarily mean a quality oriented and professional company. These companies are known for hiring substandard help that aren’t properly trained, ignoring any and all damage claims to your property, and / or using similar deceptive business practices as “illegal” movers, as described above. In many instances, legal enforcement just hasn’t caught up with them to shut them down.

But there is hope. To help prevent hiring the wrong company from turning your move into a nightmare, here are some useful recommendations. Make sure the prospective company is licensed and legal to operate by contacting the CMSA (California Moving and Storage Association)for any moves within California, and AMSA (American Moving and Storage Association) for any moves that cross state lines. Okay, they’re legal now what? Look to see that the mover is ProMover rated. This accreditation is issued by AMSA and the CMSA to movers of proven best business practices and who are dedicated to promoting such ethical business practices. Not all good movers are ProMovers, but it is fair to say that all ProMovers are good movers.

And there is more. It is always best to insist on an in home survey and a written estimate. It is never a good idea to give the mover a deposit. Most quality oriented moving companies collect their charges at time of delivery, just before the truck is unloaded, charging only what has been previously estimated or agreed upon. No written estimate and demand for a deposit from a company is a sure recipe for disaster.

Lastly, a quick internet search of the company, maybe looking at Yelp and Google reviews, will help give you a feel for the sort of service the company provides. But always check the prospective company out with the local BBB. Their sole business is monitoring and tracking business and customer relations, while helping to resolve any negative issues. A strong history of customer satisfaction as reported by the BBB is a good indication that you will get a fair and honest move from the prospective company, a poor history is good reason to avoid them.

Article courtesy of William Martin of Daly Movers

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