23 Aug

Moving & Your Gun Safe

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Gun safes are heavy, bulky and difficult to move. Depending on size, a metal gun safe can easily weigh over 300 pounds even when it’s completely empty.

Here are a few things you can do to ensure your safe’s move goes smoothly and safely and your valuables are not damaged:

Remove everything from your safe before the movers arrive. Transporting valuables separately will keep them from being damaged during the move. Otherwise, shifting weight will cause the contents of your safe to shift around as well, and loose items can fall and bang together. The added weight inside the safe is just that – added weight. Removing the contents helps us protect you, your property and our crews. The safe is going to be tilted and turned during the moving process. Contents inside the safe will shift and can cause the weight load to change.

If the safe is currently bolted down, please make sure that the bolts are released prior to the arrival of your movers.

At your new home, have a predetermined designated spot for the safe at the new location. Make sure that you have measured doorways and hallways to ensure the safe will fit in your new desired location.

Second-story installations usually require specialized safe moving equipment to maintain a high level of safety as well as the integrity of your home, stairs, staircase, as well as all types of flooring, including carpeting, wood, tile & stone. A third party company should be hired to move the safe upstairs,

Always have an alternative location for the safe if for any reason it cannot be put into your first choice. This is especially important when your first choice is upstairs.There will probably be an extra labor charge if you need a safe moved up or down stairs.

Keep in mind, your household goods mover is not a specialist in moving safes. If you have a very large safe that was professionally installed, you will want to have it professionally installed at your new home as well.

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