3 Apr

Moving Outdoor Equipment

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Moving Outdoor Equipment

Before moving day, dismantle children’s swing sets, TV antennas and garden sheds. Gather pieces and bundle together with nylon cord.

Hose down/clean off your furniture and disassemble it if needed. Tape any parts together, or put small pieces in plastic bags and tape to the furniture. If you have glass tabletops, wrap them in bubble wrap and put them in flat boxes used for mirrors and artwork. Tape box shut and boldly mark “Fragile – Glass”.

Lawn care equipment can be tricky to transport safely. You will need to clean your lawnmower’s undercarriage of all grass and debris (use a hose). Drain gas and oil out of the lawnmower into storage containers. Contact your local recycling company or Environmental Protection Agency office for information on disposing of the gas and oil.

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