4 Apr

Preparing for your Local Move

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Getting ready for your local move

The saying “time is money” definitely applies to charges for local moving. The total man-hours and materials are what determine the costs. Here are some helpful tips, which can keep your moving cost within your budget.

  • Decide on a moving budget that will best fit your family’s needs
  • Get a free, no obligation estimate performed by McCarthy Transfer & Storage
  • Eliminate unneeded, unnecessary items
  • Have a garage sale
  • Donate to your favorite charity
  • Be organized; know what IS going and what is NOT going
  • Disconnect stereo and computer components, tie the cords
  • Disassemble beds if possible
  • Move small items to the garage and leave a pathway for the crew to work
  • Identify where the cartons are to go at the destination with a felt marker
  • Ask your consultant about the free use of wardrobe cartons on local moves to help eliminate unnecessary cleaning and pressing
  • Move small items yourself, before or after the move
  • Secure parking at your current and destination residences if you live in a congested area
  • Remove doors, railings; etc. if there are any clearance problems
  • Unhook washer and dryer
  • Anything containing water, natural gas, gasoline or oil must be drained and or disconnected
  • Gas lines and water lines to appliances must be disconnected by owner
  • Electrical and vent hookups must be disconnected by owner
  • Pets; make arrangements for them to NOT be on site if possible
  • On move day, be ready for the crew’s arrival, give the crew a walk-through of the home and let the crew handle the rest

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