How to Move Plants
14 Dec

How to Move Plants

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How to Move Plants

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Your home is a forest full of houseplants. There is green everywhere you look. You are the best plant parent ever. But now, you are moving and need to learn how to relocate your plants. Unfortunately, the majority of movers do not take plants. That’s why we’ve created this guide to moving plants.

Plant moving can be tricky, but there are ways to ensure your green leafy children are well taken care of and safe. Check out this guide to find out the best way to move plants.


When getting ready to move your plants, preparing is essential. Follow these tips and learn how to prepare your house plants for moving day.


Take care of your plants as usual and keep similar watering schedules. If your plants can fit in your vehicle, ensure you skip the watering during or before the move. Chances are, you’ll end up with mud dripping in your car! Most house plants can handle up to a week without water with little harm, if the leaves are dry, take consideration of a foliage spray.

Check for plant pests

Check your plants for bugs and prune dead or dying leaves in preparation for the journey.

Use plastic pots or cartons

If your plants are in heavy pots like terracotta or ceramic, you will want to transplant them into plastic pots or cartons before the move. Transferring them to plastic pots will help save space, make them lighter to move, and prevent any damage or accidents.


  • If you can, place your plants in the vehicle in or near seats, buckle them up if necessary. Place pots in an open box for smaller plants and secure them with the seat belt or bungie cable. Either way, don’t put your plants in the trunk—plants are sensitive to extreme temperatures. The trunk can be too hot in summer and too cold in winter.
  • Plants can also be affected by the heating/cooling of your car. Seal away any vents near where your plant will be.
  • Use a light sheet or other breathable material to wrap around your plants, be sure it’s not too secure. Ask your local greenhouse if they have any tips for this. You want to ensure your plant makes it to your new home without damage.
  • Just like any family member needing a pit stop, your plants need a break too. Mist them with some water and make sure they get some light.
  • Car windows can magnify sunlight, so consider a window shade if you have a plant susceptible to direct sunlight.
  • Put your plants in a well-lit and ventilated area as soon as you arrive at your new home. Water them and inspect them for any damage too.


If you have a gigantic plant, you will need some help to move it. Use a hand truck or dolly to transport your large friend and ask for help when putting it in your vehicle—you will want to make sure your plant will clear the top of your car or van. Bubble wrapping the pot will help it remain in one piece, and a bungee cord will help keep it still during the move.


Most professional local movers will accept moving plants if the distance is short and delivery is within a day. We suggest double-checking with your chosen local hauling company.


You may have to leave plants behind as much as you want to bring every plant with you. Check with your local greenhouse if it’s possible to take a cutting from your plant to propagate it at your new home. Consider giving your more significant, more cumbersome plants to your neighbor. It’s a great way to ensure your plants are cared for, making a wonderful gift!


If you are a plant parent planning a local move in California, contact McCarthy Transfer to help you. Our moving crew has experience with moving all types of things. Get a free moving quote online or give us a call at 619-596-2594. If you are looking to move long distance, look no further! We partner with National Van Lines, the premier long-distance movers in the United States! Wondering about tipping your movers? Check out this article from Folkestad Moving Services.


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