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Full Service Storage in El cajon, CA

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Full Service Storage in El Cajon, CA

McCarthy Transfer & Storage of El Cajon, CA can handle all of your East San Diego storage needs and more! We have a Secure, Fully Enclosed Storage Facility to help keep your belongings in tip-top shape.

We have El Cajon storage solutions to fit every situation and budget. Full service storage is an excellent option when it comes to storing your belongings for the short-term or long-term.

The on-going success of McCarthy Transfer and Storage can be directly tied to our commitment to you and your possessions. We have built our reputation by providing each of our customers with quality service and sincere regard for their belongings.

It may be no surprise to hear that many self-storage facilities experience theft. Our full service storage in El Cajon takes the security of your possessions very serious! Our security measures include: camera’s, alarm’s systems, sprinkler systems and limited access into the warehouse.

  • Low El Cajon storage rates
  • Residential and commercial storage in El Cajon, CA
  • Video surveillance security system
  • Blanket-wrapping for your possessions at no cost
  • Full time warehouse management and staff

How Full Service Storage Works

At your home or business we can pack your belongings or just pick up the items you have boxes prior to our arrival. We bring the storage containers to you. This reduces the risk of damage as less handling is required.

Your household goods are inventoried, describing each item and its condition at the time of pickup. Then your furniture is wrapped in heavy cloth pads, carefully placed into large vaults at your residence or business. These fully secure storage vaults are then taken to our El Cajon storage facility where we use a forklift to move them into our warehouse. Over-sized items which do not fit into the vaults are also pad wrapped and placed within the racking system for safe keeping where they wait until you call for them, whether it’s weeks, months, or years later.

Benefits of using warehouse storage versus self-storage

Unless you need to access your belongings on a regular basis, using a warehouse storage facility is beneficial on many levels. The main one being security. Our El Cajon storage facility has limited access. Meaning only our employees have access to the vaults in which your belongings are stored. Not only that, your possessions are not stored in a little room with a lock on it, they are stored in secure wooden vaults that are stacked up. Any unauthorized person would have to have a forklift and tools to access your goods.

Another benefit to using full service storage is convenience. We not only pickup your good from your home or office but we deliver them too.

Last but not least, full service storage is cost effective. You pay less per cubic square foot of storage area. Our storage vaults are 7 feet by 5 feet by 7 ft, that’s 245 cubic feet of space and they are just $50 each per month. McCarthy Transfer & Storage often has special offers, discounts or coupons available for storage in El Cajon.

You can schedule an appointment for a storage estimate by calling 619-596-2594.

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