21 Nov

You packed what?!

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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What not to pack when moving..it’s more than just the flammables…

It is important to know what items your movers will not pack and transport. Some items in your home require proper packaging and handling, but there are also some items should not be packed up at all because of rules and regulations, such as flammable items, perishable food, etc. The list can be found here but often the moving company does not put enough emphasis on the really important things such as paperwork and valuables that you should move yourself.

Even when you are moving with an honest, reputable well-known company taking the extra step to insure the safety of these items is important. Moving is stressful and sometimes things do get misplaced or stolen.

A good rule of thumbs is that if you cannot send it through the mail, your mover cannot move it either.

In one situation, a mover was accused of stealing a valuable watch that had been left in a dresser. After some heated threats from the customer to the moving company, it was discovered that during the moving process the watch had fallen out of the drawer down the interior backside and was now under the bottom drawer.  On another occasion, a moving crew was suspect in taking a laptop computer. In the end, it turned out that the daughter of the customer had put it into her car and forgotten to tell her parents.  Reduce the amount of anxiety regarding your most valuable possessions and move them yourself.

Some articles are not accepted for transportation, the mover cannot be held responsible for items it did not know it was transporting.  Although transporting these items do not pose a physical threat to your shipment they can create problems if your shipment is delayed or items are lost or you just don’t remember which box they were packed into.

This can be avoided by you taking the responsibility of transporting your irreplaceable, sentimental and high value possessions. Any way to take out some of the stress of your move is a good thing.  So take the time to gather your:

  • Check book, keys, identification
  • Airline tickets and passports
  • Important papers such as school records, banking, insurance policies and tax files
  • Medications and medical files
  • Jewelry and furs
  • Collections of coins, stamps, etc.
  • And your move paperwork

Put these items where you can find them during and after your move.  It will be one less thing for you to worry about.

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