16 Feb

Packing Tips – Art Work

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Packing Tips – Art Work

When you are packing yourself in preparation for your move, it is good to be concerned about art work. Depending on the size, value and fragility of each piece should determine how it is to be packed for the move.

If you are moving cross country, you may want to have larger or more valuable pieces crated. Your mover should be able to provide crating services for you.

You should create an inventory of your artwork and antiques. This will help you determine which items you can pack yourself and which should be handled by professionals, such as large, heavy, or extremely valuable pieces. If you have any high-value artwork, remember to get it appraised before the move and have them properly insured.

Carefully study the materials and surfaces of your artworks and antiques. Glass surfaces go well with bubble wrap. Framed materials with no glass are better off with unprinted newsprint as the surface might stick to or react with plastic covers.

For large paintings and mirrors, you should use special picture boxes. Unlike your typical moving boxes, cardboard picture/mirror boxes are large, flat, and adjustable, perfect for protecting framed artwork.

Corner protectors are important too. They can be made of cardboard, bubble wrap, paper, foam or plastic. Aside from protecting the framed item, it also prevents the corners from damaging other goods as well.

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