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Get a Move Estimate

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Getting an Estimate

No matter if you are moving locally or across the country, you will want to get your estimated cost in writing. We suggest you meet with at least 3 different moving companies so that you get a good idea of your move costs and services available.

Be up front about the move, if you have stairs, a difficult access at the origin or destination, if there’s an additional stop along the way. Maybe you have an item or two that you are concerned about, let the estimator know right away. Don’t just assume he or she knows the value of your belongings financially or sentimentally.

Being honest and thorough will save you money and time and the mover’s will appreciate that there aren’t any hidden problems. Any last minute changes can increase your move cost even if you have a written estimate.

Get a written statement that includes all charges. If the move doing a local move that is based on an hourly rate, ask the moving company to put the hourly rate and any other fees in writing. If the move is long distance, ask the company to give you a binding estimate.

Ask about the company’s insurance policy for things that are damaged or lost by the movers. If you have collectible, high value items inquire about buying additional coverage.

Ask how the company wants to be paid. Ask about the payment up front. Some local moving companies may require a deposit with the remaining amount owing when your belongings are delivered. Be careful of companies that request cash only. This is a sign of a rogue mover. A long distance mover will not ask for a deposit.

Carefully review all the documents provided by the moving company.

Do not hire a company that will not provide you with a written estimate.

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