22 Aug

Packing Tips – CD’s, DVD’s & Games

  • By: Ivan Catudan
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Packing Games, CD’s, DVD’, Software Discs, Records, Audio Cassette Tapes and Video Tapes

When you are packing up your gaming system, video players you will want to layer the bottom of a small carton with shredded or crushed paper. Pack DVD’s, CD’s, software discs, records and audio cassettes in their protective sleeves or cases.

If sleeves or cases are not available, wrap the items in tissue paper or plastic wrap to prevent scratching. Stand CD’s, software discs and records on edge in cartons (do not lay flat). Brace at both ends using a hardback book or layer pieces of cardboard to provide a snug fit. Audio cassettes and video tapes may be packed vertically or horizontally on layers of shredded or crushed paper. Fill in with paper as needed. Be sure to mark the box “Fragile.”

When packing DVD Players, CD Players and Turntables — dvd2.jpgUse original packing materials when available. If original packing materials are not available, refer to the owner’s manuals for further information. Wrap DVD players, CD players and turntables with an old blanket and place them upright in the carton. To stabilize the laser on a CD player, replace the transport screws (normally located on the bottom of the unit). For turntables, stabilize the platter to secure the changer and tone arm by tightening screws located on the top of the turntable. Label boxes “Fragile” and “This Side Up.”

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