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Are you ready for move day?

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Your move is scheduled, the movers are coming but are YOU ready?

The more you are prepared for the movers arrival the smoother your day will go.

Tip 1: If it is not a piece of furniture put it in a box.

Pack one room at a time, labeling each box with a description of its contents and its destination (e.g., kitchen, bathroom). Be as specific as you can; it will make unpacking that much easier. Write the contents on the sides of the box not just the top. This will help you find what you are looking for when they are all stacked up.

When you are packing your boxes, you want to make sure that you pack them to the top of each box. If you have space at the top, use crumpled paper to fill the space. Imagine that a small child (or a much heavier box) is going to be set on top of the box you just packed,

If you are using totes to pack, please know that these boxes may be turned upside down when they are loaded on the truck. If you pack the heavy Christmas items on the bottom and those delicate ornaments on the top, PLEASE make sure you label the tote Fragile and “This side up” on the sides.

Tip 2: Clean & disconnect appliances and electronics prior to the arrival of the movers.

  • Strip the linens off your beds so they can be taken apart and moved as needed.
  • Take out the trash and wash out the cans
  • Empty the dishwasher and make sure there are no dirty (or clean) dishes in the dishwasher.
  • If you have ‘sets’ of things, like phones and cradles, etc, unplug and put them together with any cords and connections. They will not only pack better, but you will be able to find them and hook them up in your new home more efficiently.
  • Computers, TVs, VCRs, DVD players – unplug them and secure all wires to them, or place them in Ziploc’ed bags next to the electronics. Mark the bags with notations as to what they go to, this will make hookups in your house easier. Otherwise all cords may just go into a jumbled box ( “What did THIS go to?”).
  • Clean that fridge – appliances that may retain moisture or food particles which may mildew/mold such as refrigerators, freezers, and ranges or microwaves.
  • After fully thawing and cleaning, dry refrigerators and freezers carefully with a towel to eliminate all traces of moisture.

Tip 3: Change your utilities and fill out those change of address forms.

Contact your bank, the post office, your cable company, the gas & electric provider and ALL of your credit card companies and let them know your new address.
Also, when you are moving out of state, be sure to check your new state requirements for your driver’s license and auto registration.

Tip 4: Make arrangements for children & pets.

Make arrangements in advance for your child to spend the day at a friend’s house.
Pets should be kept out of the movers’ way as well. Place them in a kennel or cage, keep them in a fenced area or send them away for the day. .

Tip 5: Be Ready and Be Available

Be on hand at your home all day during your move just in case questions pop up, or you have any special instructions.
Provide your lead mover with your contact information and the best way to get in touch with you during transit (cell phone, email, text message, etc.)

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