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International Moving – Making the Right Choices

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International Moving – Making the Right Choices

When moving Internationally with McCarthy Transfer & Storage, International estimates are quoted as a door-to-door, all-inclusive rate and will clearly state any and all inclusions and/or exclusions.

Planning: Know what it is your will be moving. Make a decision and stick to it. Keeping organized is crucial; storing all documentation in a single file folder is a great way to stay on top of your moving process.

The Moving Estimate: Our estimator conducts a FREE survey at your home. This information is then combined with the quote from the international transporter so that you are given the most accurate estimate possible.

Packing/Furniture Wrapping: Our professional packers prepare your shipment for safe international transport. They provide all materials and employ industry-proven techniques for international shipments.

Loading: Once your goods are packed, we may load them into wooden shipping containers called Lift Vans. These containers measure approximately seven feet by four feet by seven feet or for larger shipments, the entire household is loaded directly into a 40-foot or 20-foot steel ocean container at your residence.

To the Port: We will arrange the transport of your shipment to the port of departure. At the port of departure, your containerized shipment is placed onto the ocean vessel or aircraft for international transport.

Customs Clearance: At the port of arrival your household goods shipment is processed by the destination customs authority and is cleared for transfer to the qualified destination agent.

Delivery: The destination agent delivers your household goods and unpacks them at your new residence. Or, your shipment is delivered into storage until you are ready to receive your goods.

Compare Apples to Apples – Not Just The ‘Cheapest’ Price.

When looking for the company you want to entrust your belongings to, do some research. Read more about an International move from San Diego here.

Never be afraid to ask questions.

You can schedule an estimate with McCarthy Transfer & Storage, a San Diego International Moving Company by calling us at 619-596-2594.

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