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Oh those tight spaces and large awkward pieces of furniture. You may have forgotten that it came in a box and was assembled in the room it was used in and now it doesn’t fit out the door.

By hiring professional movers you can eliminate some of the stress of getting these pieces out of your current place and into your new home as safely as possible. As trained movers we have the ability and probably the right equipment to get these pieces moved. We will wrap your furniture and place bumpers around doorways. We will take the item apart and when needed, we can hoist out a window, over a balcony or in extreme cases rent a crane.

In just the past few months we have had jobs that require the use of a crane and a lift.

In one case the inside staircase was now too narrow to allow us to move a full size video game and jukebox back up. The customer had done a remodel of her game room and the items in there were not taken into consideration..We were able to get the bulky equipment out the downstairs door to the back yard but there was a slopping hill and retaining walls along the way. We strapped the jukebox and game to pallets and a crane operator was able to safely get them to the truck.

In another situation, our customer knew exactly what it was going to take to get the armoire down stairs – a special lift. That is how they got it up there. The best part is we were able to use that lift to get all the bigger items down stairs safely and quickly.

Our expert crews always take steps to ensure that your furniture is protected as much as possible during the move. Our goal is to make your move as easy and care free as possible for you. We have extensive training in both protecting/securing furniture as well and lifting and carrying it.

It’s always best to anticipate which objects are going to give you the most trouble during a move. Make a note of these things, see which ones aren’t as necessary as the others. Perhaps you can get a head start at disassembling them, if its possible or maybe the new tenant will want it.

Whichever choice you make, think it through, adding a broken, damaged or knicked up item to the moving stress is a completely avoidable scenario.

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