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The Importance of an In-Home Survey

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Why is it important to get an in-home survey?

After you’ve done your research and selected a few moving companies you want to check out, the next step is to call each of the local agents at the moving companies to schedule an in-home survey appointment.

When should I schedule the in-home survey?

As soon as you know what you want to move and when you’re moving, you’re ready to schedule your in-home survey. This is usually right after you sell or purchase your home, and preferably about 3-4 weeks before your preferred move date.

What should I expect during the in-home survey?

During the in-home survey, a representative from the moving company will visit your home and look at access and together you will do a walk through your home so that the representative can take an inventory of what needs to be moved and packed. This inventory is the key to estimating your moving costs.

After the survey, you and the representative will discuss which services are required, the move plan, pricing, and any of your questions. The in-home survey usually takes about 25-45 minutes depending on the size of your property and how many questions you have.

What is the purpose of an in-home survey?

Every move is unique, but the factors of every move are the same: what needs to be moved, what is the access like at both of the locations of the move, how much work are you going to do versus the movers to get ready and what do you need from your mover.

These are the basics that the moving company needs to plan the move and provide you with an accurate estimated price. Without this information, the company has no idea how many crew members and trucks to send, what equipment to bring, how long the move will take, and which services you need. The best and most accurate way to obtain this information is to meet with you in your home.

How does an in-home survey benefit me?

Most importantly, an in-home survey is the best way to get the most accurate estimate of your overall moving costs. The in-home survey is also your opportunity to interview and get to know the moving company. It’s also a great time to ask the moving company all your questions and better understand the moving process. Many of our clients say that the in-home survey experience is the reason they choose McCarthy Transfer & Storage for their relocation. !

What should I be evaluating during the in-home survey?

  • Did the representative arrive on time?
  • Is the representative dressed professionally?
  • Do you feel comfortable and trust the company’s representative?
  • Is the presented move plan comprehensive and specific to your move?
  • Is the representative able to confidently and expertly answer your questions?

When is it okay to do a phone survey?

The process for a phone survey is exactly like an in-home survey, except you will list the furniture room by room over the phone with the guidance of the representative. If you have a smaller move, such as a two bedroom apartment or less, the moving company can do a very accurate survey over the phone instead of in your home. However, if you request to do an in-home survey instead, we are happy to oblige.

If your home is larger than a two bedroom apartment, it is much more difficult to create an accurate inventory over the phone, so the in-home survey is highly recommended.

What if the moving company will not do a survey?

  • There are some red flags to watch for when asking for a survey. Do not hire a moving company if:
  • The company quotes you a price without a taking a detailed inventory or going through the move details with you. This means they don’t have enough information to quote you a price, therefore, they probably are not quoting you an accurate price.
  • The company only wants to do a phone survey for single family home or large move. This means they do not want to take the time that is necessary to gather the information needed for an accurate quote.
  • The company refuses your request for a representative to meet with you for an in-home survey. This usually means they do not have a representative available in your area to meet with you who would be a good reflection on the company.

How should I prepare for the in-home survey?

For the most part, the representative will guide you through the survey process. However, the more clarity you have on what the move entails, the more productive the survey will be. Make sure you know:

  • Which pieces are being moved
  • What you are selling or donating before the move
  • Whether you’re moving anything yourself
  • What the movers are packing vs. what your family is packing
  • Have a short list of questions for your mover to help you make a decision

Are you ready for your in-home estimate?

Request an free in-home survey estimate with McCarthy Transfer & Storage – San Diego’s Oldest Family Owned Moving Company by clicking the above link or calling our office at 619-596-2594.

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