Spring Cleaning and Storage Tips to Help You Stay Organized
1 May

Spring Cleaning and Storage Tips to Help You Stay Organized

So you’re all settled in after your move to the San Diego suburbs, and your home is ready for its first spring cleaning on your watch.

“How messy can the place be?” you might ask. “We haven’t even lived here a year!” You might be surprised how much dust can accumulate over one winter. And as you may have learned during your move, you own more stuff than you need. It’s time for a good decluttering!

Before we get to spring cleaning, let’s discuss home organization. Follow these storage tips from McCarthy Transfer:

  • Begin the purge. Remember when, during your move, you muttered to yourself again and again, “Do we even use this?!?” Getting rid of stuff you don’t need is the first, and most important, of our space-saving solutions. If you haven’t worn a garment, or touched a piece of sporting equipment or used a small appliance in a year or more, it’s time to take them to one of your local donation centers.
  • Buy stackable, clear plastic bins. Store holiday decorations and other household items you only use seasonally into clear bins (this will help you remember which items are in which bins, even better than labels). Using stackable bins will enable you to maximize the storage space in your basement or garage. Think of it as a puzzle waiting to be solved. Garage organization is more fun if you treat it like a game of “Tetris.”

Now that you’ve tamed the wilderness of your home’s storage areas, it’s time to address the spaces you and your family use every day. Time and the elements can take a toll on a home, even in sunny San Diego. McCarthy Transfer is here to help with this handy spring cleaning checklist for San Diego suburb moving:

  • Don’t cut corners: Sure, you did a “deep clean” when you moved in. But it has been a few months. Spring cleaning is the time to address the out-of-the-way spots that may go ignored during weekly wipe-downs.
  • Go up, then down: As you move from room to room, start with the ceiling fans and high window frames and move down. Break out your vacuum and its hose extension. Any particles that get knocked free will fall to the furniture and floors, which you should vacuum next.
  • From the windows to the walls: Unlike floors, windows and walls don’t require weekly cleanings. But it’s a good idea, at this time of year, to wipe down walls, window screens and blinds with wet towels. Steam cleaners work, too.
  • Get a breath of fresh air: Spring cleaning is the ideal time to replace furnace and HVAC filters. Dust collects in ducts and on filters over the winter. Replacing them is a cheap, easy way to improve your home’s air quality. This will help allergy suffers breathe more easily.

Once you’ve finished the first spring cleaning of your new house, you’ll truly feel at home. Find more tips for homeowners from McCarthy Transfer here. If you’re getting ready for a move, give us a call at 619-596-2594 or go online for your free online moving quote!

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