Should I Switch to LED Lights?
15 Jul

Should I Switch to LED Lights?

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Is energy conservation important to you? Are you the type of person who likes to use new, cutting-edge technology to help reduce your use of traditional energy sources? Are you looking to cut your family’s annual energy costs? If you answered an emphatic yes to any of those questions, then you should consider switching to LED lights. According to, the light-emitting diode (LED) is the most efficient energy-saving lighting technology on today’s market. As the benefits of LED lights become obvious, more and more homeowners are looking to make the switch. At McCarthy Transfer & Storage, San Diego’s oldest family-owned moving company, we care about energy conservation and want to provide you with the facts needed to make an informed decision about LED lights and other new energy-saving technologies.


Pros and Cons of LED lighting

Like all new technologies, there are many pros and cons to consider before making the switch to LED. There are many pros to LED lights, including:


  • Energy efficiency; LED lights more efficiently use energy when compared to incandescent lightbulbs.
  • LED lights tend to last longer than traditional lightbulbs, which saves on replacement costs.
  • LED lights work at any temperature and are not susceptible to fluctuations and extremely low temperatures.
  • LEDs do not contain as many environmentally-hazardous materials as traditional bulbs.
  • They tend to be easier to control and manipulate according to personal specifications. LEDs can be used to light only specific areas at a time, and their brightness and color can also be controlled by smart devices.


However, there are also a few cons to LED lights, such as:


  • Eye safety is a concern; blue-light pollution from LEDs can negatively affect human eyes under certain circumstances.
  • LEDs are more prone to overheating than other light sources if overused or used improperly. This can lead to early device failure.
  • LEDs are more initially expensive than traditional bulbs.
  • LEDs are better at providing cascading sources of light, which means they may not be as effective at directing light into narrowed points of focus.


Benefits of Switching to LED Lights Savings


Overall, the benefits of switching to LED lights are numerous, which, for many consumers, makes the hassle of switching light sources worthwhile. According to, LED lights use a minimum of 75% less energy and are 25 times longer lasting than traditional bulbs. Experts believe that these benefits will lead to LED technology replacing the majority of other light sources by 2035.


Kinds of LED lightbulbs


As LED lights become more popular, the range of LED product availability grows. Currently, there are many kinds of LED lightbulbs to choose from, including industrial, commercial, and under lights, as well as recessed downlights for residential use. LED chips, sometimes called Dual In-Line LEDs are often used for lighting small items, whereas the most common type of LED, Surface Mounted Diode (SMD), is usually preferred for strip lighting because it offers consumers the ability to switch between multiple color and brightness settings. One of the newer options in LED technology is the smart bulb, which allows you to manage your lighting functions through voice-control or with a mobile device.


Moving in San Diego


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