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There is nothing like being in San Diego with perfect weather every day.

The sun.

The smell of the ocean.

That feeling like you want to go to the beach every day.

It’s Southern California. Would you expect anything else?

But now that you call this place home, wouldn’t it be nice to open the windows and get some free fresh air?

While your air conditioning may have been running much of the year, it’s time to start considering upgrading to a ceiling fan to save money on your electric bill.

In a city like San Diego, a ceiling fan is a perfect choice for an option to stay cool while looking stylish.


First, you must decide whether you want a ceiling fan with lights. Then there are ones with remotes to change the settings.

So, what is suitable for you?

You need to look at the room you want to install a fan in and how much room you will need. If you have a high ceiling, you can select about any fan. But if it’s a tight space, you must ensure enough room to walk near the fan. And then, if you add lights, you need to keep that in mind because that takes up more space.

The average cost to buy a new fan is usually between $135 and $269.

There are ones that range up to $300 at some big box stores, but it depends on what you want. There are plenty of options for ones to fit whatever your budget is.


One of the first things you will notice in a store is the many types of ceiling fan blades.

With a leaf design, you can have a tropical look with blades that look like you’re in the tropics. There are more industrial looks with metal blades and even ones that look like windmills.

So, this is where you get to be the designer and pick something that will fit your style and home.

You also will have to select something with as few as three blades and as many as eight. But most fans come with a standard four blades. And in every color and style.


You can hire a person to install the fan, but do you want to spend a few hundred more dollars?

Installing a fan is not that hard. Here are a few tips on how to install it. You also can look at many YouTube videos and do this yourself.


  • Ceiling fans need to anchor to an electric box that can handle the weight of the fan.
  • There are quick install fans out there. If this is not a skill you have, ask a friend to help.
  • First, turn off the power to your home. Make sure you have a flashlight to see what you are doing. Place an electrical tap across the breaker, so no one turns the power back on.
  • Take off the old light you are replacing.
  • There should be a fan-mounting bracket with your new fan. Secure that bracket to the electrical box in the ceiling.
  • Pull the wires through the center of the brace.
  • Continue installing the rest of the fan to the mount.
  • Connect the wires from the fan by matching them up to the same color – black, white and ground.
  • Use the caps supplied with the fan to place a twist onto the wires.
  • Once you have connected the wires, push them into the junction box.
  • Attach the blades.


There are plenty of videos online to see how to install a fan from major retailers. If you are uncomfortable hooking up the fan, an electrician can do it in minutes. But give it a try. You might surprise yourself.

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