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Full Service Storage in El cajon, CA

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Full Service Storage in El Cajon, CA

McCarthy Transfer & Storage of El Cajon, CA can handle all of your East San Diego storage needs and more! We have a Secure, Fully Enclosed Storage Facility to help keep your belongings in tip-top shape.

We have El Cajon storage solutions to fit every situation and budget. Full service storage is an excellent option when it comes to storing your belongings for the short-term or long-term.

The on-going success of McCarthy Transfer and Storage can be directly tied to our commitment to you and your possessions. We have built our reputation by providing each of our customers with quality service and sincere regard for their belongings.

It may be no surprise to hear that many self-storage facilities experience theft. Our full service storage in El Cajon takes the security of your possessions very serious! Our security measures include: camera’s, alarm’s systems, sprinkler systems and limited access into the warehouse.

  • Low El Cajon storage rates
  • Residential and commercial storage in El Cajon, CA
  • Video surveillance security system
  • Blanket-wrapping for your possessions at no cost
  • Full time warehouse management and staff

How Full Service Storage Works

At your home or business we can pack your belongings or just pick up the items you have boxes prior to our arrival. We bring the storage containers to you. This reduces the risk of damage as less handling is required.

Your household goods are inventoried, describing each item and its condition at the time of pickup. Then your furniture is wrapped in heavy cloth pads, carefully placed into large vaults at your residence or business. These fully secure storage vaults are then taken to our El Cajon storage facility where we use a forklift to move them into our warehouse. Over-sized items which do not fit into the vaults are also pad wrapped and placed within the racking system for safe keeping where they wait until you call for them, whether it’s weeks, months, or years later.

Benefits of using warehouse storage versus self-storage

Unless you need to access your belongings on a regular basis, using a warehouse storage facility is beneficial on many levels. The main one being security. Our El Cajon storage facility has limited access. Meaning only our employees have access to the vaults in which your belongings are stored. Not only that, your possessions are not stored in a little room with a lock on it, they are stored in secure wooden vaults that are stacked up. Any unauthorized person would have to have a forklift and tools to access your goods.

Another benefit to using full service storage is convenience. We not only pickup your good from your home or office but we deliver them too.

Last but not least, full service storage is cost effective. You pay less per cubic square foot of storage area. Our storage vaults are 7 feet by 5 feet by 7 ft, that’s 245 cubic feet of space and they are just $50 each per month. McCarthy Transfer & Storage often has special offers, discounts or coupons available for storage in El Cajon.


If you live in an area of the country that experiences severe weather, dampness or extreme cold, getting a climate controlled storage is probably a good idea. San Diego is America’s finest city mainly for its weather. So ask yourself, do you really need a climate controlled storage facility in San Diego?

The quick answer, it depends. Think about what you are storing and for how long you plan on storing it. San Diego does not have a humid climate nor do temperatures drop to below freezing.

What exactly is a climate controlled storage?

Climate controlled storage spaces also known as “temperature controlled”, are cooled in the summer and heated in the winter. These spaces help protect from extreme temperature swings. Climate controlled spaces are also ideal for the comfort of customers who visit their storage spaces frequently. Climate Controlled storage units keep items in a constant environment (temperatures between 55°F and 85°F).

Humidity controlled storage units maintain the humidity in the air at safe levels regardless of air temperature. Units that also offer humidity control keep humidity levels around 55 percent. This is the perfect choice for storage environments if you are storing wine, a high-end piano, fine art, special collections such as comic books or stamps for example.

At McCarthy Transfer & Storage, we provide a Military approved secure warehouse storage in El Cajon, CA. The Military requires the highest standards in the industry for warehousing and operations excellence. They inspect checking for cleanliness, fire and burglar protection, pest control, financial stability and record keeping.

Our San Diego storage facility is protected from fire and theft with a 24 hour surveillance system, fire suppression and an alarm system for additional protection. Our warehouse is clean and organized to make finding your stored items simple. Although our warehouse is not temperature or humidity controlled, the interior temperature is generally lower then outside and due to the dryer El Cajon climate we do not have moisture issues.


You have figured out what size unit you need and found a storage facility in a location convenient to you, so now it’s time to rent a unit. Don’t be so quick.

Ask some important questions first. Storage managers are great resources. And remember, nothing beats seeing the storage facility with your own eyes! If you can, take a tour before you lease.

What are the access hours?

Some facilities offer 24-hour access, but this privilege comes at an additional cost. Typical gate hours are from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m with your personal code or during business hours typically 9 or 10 am until 6 pm.

It’s important to note the difference between gate hours and office hours. You may have access to your belongings (gate hours) when the business office is closed. In case of emergencies, it’s also good to know how to contact your storage manager after business hours.

What security measures are in place?

Storage insurance may reimburse you for theft, but some heirlooms are irreplaceable, and your personal safety is more important than anything else. Security is definitely the most important thing you should consider when renting a storage unit. Here are some tips for keeping your belongings secure.

  • Drive by the storage facility at night to see how well lit it appears. If you’re renting an indoor storage unit, take a tour and look for brightly lit hallways.
  • Look for a storage facility that offers entry gates with personalized access codes. The codes help storage managers keep track of who is visiting the facility.
  • Insist on a fully fenced perimeter, which protects self-storage units, as well as vehicles in outdoor storage.
  • Ask if surveillance cameras are in use throughout the facility, or just at the main gate.
  • Find a facility with an on-site manager for an additional layer of security. A few storage places have managers who live at the facility, and while it’s not essential to have, it’s nice!
  • Get an individually alarmed unit for extra security. Ask about availability.

Is the facility clean and free of pests?

Don’t lease a dirty storage unit! Hallways and storage doors should be clean. The inside of your storage unit should be swept and free of pests.

Ask your storage manager how often the facility is treated for pests. Many storage facilities offer monthly pest control treatments for maximum protection from pests.

What are the lease terms?

Look for a flexible month-to-month lease that allows you to move out with little notice. However, if you know you’ll need storage for a longer time, ask about discounts for signing a long-term lease.

How do I make payments?

Paying your bill should be convenient. Ask about online bill payment, or automatic payments. Using automatic payments may protect you from losing your belongings after forgetting to pay your bill.

Do you offer storage insurance?

When you arrive to sign your lease, you’ll probably need government-issued identification and proof of insurance coverage. Many storage facilities require insurance coverage, and they may also offer storage insurance on-site. Using a storage facility’s short-term storage insurance frees you from worrying about making a claim on your own long-term policy.

Do you have elevator access?

If you’re renting a storage unit that’s not on the first floor, ask about the availability of a non-passenger or lift access elevator. The lift access can save valuable time on moving day.

Do you have wide drive aisles? Is your facility tractor trailer accessible?

Make sure the aisles will accommodate your moving truck or other large vehicle.

Do you offer moving dollies or other amenities?

Many storage facilities offer moving carts or dollies for use at the facility. In addition, some facilities even offer the use of a moving truck. In many cases, you can also purchase moving supplies like mattress covers, boxes and bubble wrap at the storage facility. And don’t forget about the padlock.

Take the time to conduct this self-storage interview, and you’ll feel more confident on move-in day!

You can schedule an appointment for a storage estimate by calling 619-596-2594.

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