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Let’s move to Hawaii

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Moving to Hawaii

Though moving to Hawaii may appear to be challenging, you will not experience any difficulties moving from San Diego to any of the Hawaiian islands with the help of McCarthy Transfer & Storage.

To save money, you will want to move your belongings via ocean instead of by air. Couches and domestic goods aren’t really practical to move via air; however, we can ship your household goods to any of the islands by ship pretty quickly.

When it comes to preparing your things for , McCarthy Transfer & Storage knows the drill and can help to ensure that all packaging is done properly to get your personal items ready for your move to Oahu, Honolulu, Kauai, or Maui. We provide more than professionalism and ease; we provide an easy passage, so you can focus on getting yourself there instead.

What to bring? It is best to bring only the essential belongings with you. In Hawaii you can find a furnished place with all the necessary equipment for living. Bring your personal keepsakes and clothes. Make sure you bring all your important documents with you, including ID, personal papers, medical records, prescriptions, etc.

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