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San Diego Moving Truck Guide

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Need help loading or unloading your rental truck?

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Prepare Your Home Before You Pick Up Your Rental Truck:

  1. Safety Check: Before you start loading your rental truck, ensure your home is safe and ready. Locate the main circuit breaker and water shut-off valve. Check the furnace for filter replacement. Ensure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have working batteries. Replace any burnt-out light bulbs.
  2. Explore the Neighborhood: Take a moment to explore the new neighborhood before you hit the road. Familiarize yourself with nearby stores and amenities. Consider driving or walking by the children’s new school to get acquainted with the area.
  3. Pre-Move Tasks:
    • Painting: If you plan to paint any rooms, consider doing so before picking up your rental truck. A fresh coat of paint can give your new place a welcoming touch.
    • Cleaning: Start with a clean slate by thoroughly cleaning the house. Consider hiring a cleaning service if needed. Wipe out cupboards, put down new shelf paper, and tackle other tasks in advance if time allows.
    • Floor Plan: Create a floor plan to streamline the loading process. Plan where each major piece of furniture will go to save time and avoid unnecessary heavy lifting.
  4. Loading Day:
    • Taking Delivery: When you pick up your rental truck, be prepared to oversee the loading process. If hiring movers, check off items on their inventory as they’re loaded onto the truck. Direct them to place boxes in designated rooms and furniture in desired locations.
  5. Unloading Strategy:
    • Start Unloading: Once you arrive at your new home, start unloading systematically. Put items away as you go and break down boxes immediately to keep things organized. Consider giving away boxes on Craigslist to streamline cleanup.

Need Help with Loading or Unloading Your Rental Truck?

If you’re handling your move yourself and need assistance loading or unloading your rental truck, McCarthy Transfer & Storage is here to help! Whether it’s U-Haul, Penske, Budget, or Ryder, we provide professional moving labor to ensure a smooth transition.

Save time, frustration, and your back by hiring our experienced helpers. Focus on driving while we handle the heavy lifting. If you’re moving to San Diego County, we can also assist with unloading or unpacking your belongings. Call our office at 619-596-2594 for assistance.

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