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Proper Moving Takes Time

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A good move takes time

You have nicer furniture now, your friends cannot be lured by free pizza and beer to help you move and you want that nice furniture to stay that way. It’s time to hire professional movers.

Local moving is done on an hourly basis. The hourly rate is determined by how many movers you need to get the job done in a timely manner.

Even when you have very little to move , moves often take longer than most people realize. What seems like a two hour job to you could be a 3-4 hour job to us. We take into consideration the access at both your current and new home, the distance between the two locations, the amount of possessions to be move and how ready you will be on move day.

As professional movers, we are going to protect your belongings and home. We lay down floor protection and wrap your furniture to protect it during the move. We do our best to avoid the “normal” dents and dings of a move. Overall, the process is not just throwing your belongings into a truck. It can be time-consuming, which makes moving services more expensive than people realize.

Customers commonly underestimate the amount of things that needs to be moved, and thus assume their move will cost less than it ends up costing. You will want to be as ready as possible when the movers arrive. We will disassemble beds and other furniture but to say time and ultimately save money, have this done prior to their arrival.

When hiring movers, the most accurate price estimate will come from an on-site survey, which McCarthy Transfer & Storage provides to our customers free of charge. Call 619-596-2594 today.

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