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Parking Permits

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Parking permits are the most overlooked detail when making a long-distance move. Each city issues parking permits differently, so the best place to start is with city offices; this may be the street department, licensing and permitting department, department of temporary signs or the police.

A moving permit is a broad term to describe a document and/or set of signs issued by a city government that allows someone to reserve a parking space for moving trucks at a specific address for a specific date and time.

There are several cities across the US where permits are required or necessary. Moving permits can greatly simplify a city move. Moving permits establish your legal right to be parked at a specific address. Moving permits get you to the curb directly in front of the building, greatly decreasing the time of each move. Less time consuming moves often translates to less money. Moving permits also greatly reduce that chance of parking tickets and the accompanying hassles of parking enforcement officers. Below you will find a list of major cities known to require permits. You will need to check with your specific city to find out if they require a permit.

1. New York City If you’re moving to New York, permits aren’t required for the actual move, but could be required for parking the equipment. Contact the NYC Department of Transportation (DOT) at 212-639-9675 to ask about your specific location.

2. Los Angeles Only certain zip codes in LA require a parking permit, so be sure to contact the DOT at 213-623-7046 to inquire about your location.

3. Chicago A parking permit is required anytime a vehicle larger than 16 feet in length will be parked on a city street for more than one hour. Contact the City of Chicago at 312-744-5000 for additional information.

4. Philadelphia If the equipment will be parked on a city street, Philadelphia requires you to fill out a permit application. Call 215-686-5560 for more details.

5. Boston The typical fee is $80 to $120. You can pay by check, money order, or a Visa, Mastercard, or Discover debit or credit card. To apply in person, visit Public Works in Room 721 at City Hall, Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. – 5 p.m.

6. San Francisco To apply for signage call 415-701-2311 Allow a minimum of 5 business days between the date of enforcement and the date of application to process new requests.

7. Denver If there are parking meters at your location you will need to complete a Parking Meter Request Form and email it to pwpermits@denvergov.org If there are no parking meters involved you will need to complete a ROW Street Occupancy Request Form and email it to pwpermits@denvergov.org. For Local / Residential streets, permits can also be obtained by walking into the permit counter at 2000 W 3rd Ave Denver co. 80223. Phone 303-446-3759

8. Seattle/Washington State Reserved parking allows vehicle parking in up to 4 curbside parking spaces for up to 16 hours. These permits are for reserving curb space for a Moving Truck or other non-recurring event.

9. Washington DC You can reserve curbside parking spaces for a moving truck at a residential property. The maximum time allowed for a moving truck to remain in public space is 2 days.

10. Portland You can call 503-823-7365 Allow at least seven business days to process a permit request.

11. Philadelphia The fee for a moving truck is $25.00 per 40 feet of space, per day. The Streets Department Right of Way Unit will require a minimum of four (4) full business days of notice in order to process your request. Due to the volume of requests received by this office, the processing time may be more than 4 business days.

12. Alexandria To obtain permits for temporary reserved parking , you need to know how many spaces you will need. There is 20 feet to a space. A maximum of 5 spaces can be reserved for weddings, wedding receptions, funerals, wakes and moving. The costs for reserving parking spaces are: metered spaces: $40.00 per meter, per day. Non-metered spaces: $30.00 per space, per day. To cover no parking signs: $10.00 each sign, per day.

13. Arlington All transportation right-of-way (TROW) permits must be applied for in person. Permit processing requires a minimum of 72 business hours from the date of submission

San Diego does not offer parking permits. Any company that offers to arrange a parking permit for you for your upcoming move is not getting a city issued permit. The city of San Diego only offers overnight parking permits for RVs. If your mover can park the truck in front of your home without impeding traffic, without blocking a driveway and not be in a red zone, you only need to ask your neighbors to allow room for the big truck that needs to park in front of your home. In many areas of San Diego, this just is not possible such as downtown, parts of La Mesa and Del Mar especially. In these instances, you mover will arrange for a shuttle to be done with a smaller truck.

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