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Tierrasanta Spanish for “holy land,” is a community within the city of San Diego, California. The symbol of Tierrasanta is an encircled Conquistador cross, similar to the Montserrat Cross of Barcelona, Spain, though it holds no religious meaning. The community is referred to as “The Island in the Hills” by locals and on welcome signs.

Tierrasanta is situated like an island, not directly bordered by any community. It is bounded on the north by the Mount Soledad (52) Freeway and the sprawling southern fields of MCAS Miramar; on the east by the 5,800-acre (23 km2) Mission Trails Regional Park, which has numerous hiking and mountain biking trails; on the west by bluffs bordering the Interstate 15 corridor, and on the south by steep canyons overlooking the San Diego River and Mission Valley. Community activities focus on the Tierrasanta Recreation Center, which includes lighted sports fields, a large swimming pool, tennis courts, a gymnasium, and meeting rooms.[4] Numerous green belts with walking paths run through the canyons of Tierrasanta. The community has tree-lined streets and a secluded “small town” atmosphere, though it is centrally located with a 20 minute drive to downtown San Diego.

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Tierrasanta Community Council – Bulletin board for local events and general information such as community sports, conservation resources, and opportunities for involvement.

Tierrasanta/San Diego City Schools – The San Diego Unified School District is proud to call itself one of the top large urban school districts in the United States.

Tierrasanta North County Chamber of Commerce

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