International Moving Guide

An international move is a complex process that involves strict custom rules and regulations. The process of finding a qualified full service international mover can be eased by making sure that your moving company and freight forwarder are associated with The International Association of Movers (IAM).

You want to make sure that the freight forwarder will be able to assist you with all the essential steps of your moving process such as getting the proper documentation, obtaining customs clearance, and providing a means of transportation and delivery. This will also lessen the amount of different companies you will have to pay during the process.

You will want to find an international moving agent at least 4-6 week prior to your move. Arrange to have at least three in-home estimates from three different international movers. An international moving estimator will estimate the weight and volume of what will be moved. The in-house estimate gives us the opportunity to recommend the services best suited to your specific needs. Additionally, it provides the opportunity to fully explain the international logistics involved in moving your possessions to your final destination.

You can schedule an estimate with McCarthy Transfer & Storage, a San Diego International Moving Company by calling us at 619-596-2594.

When moving overseas, unless you are moving permanently, you only want to take the bare essentials. Sell everything that is replaceable. You may consider putting some irreplaceable or sentimental possessions into storage in the US but remember the cost of long term storage may be more than buying it new when you move back to the states. Selling electronics is a great idea. The voltage in another country is different and you will need to purchase adapters to use electronics.

Preparing your belongings for international shipment can be a daunting task. Each country has different shipping requirements and security measures in place for shipments that come into their ports. Working with a crew specializing in overseas moving would be familiar with these standards. Many countries do not allow youto pack your own boxes, so leaving the packing to us can ensure that your goods are handled properly.

As you move into your new country, you will be faced with several customs regulations regarding what you can bring into the country. The following are some tips for getting through customs: You should also check out the customs information using the IAM international shipping guide that is country specific and updated often.

Levying of Duty – When you and your goods arrive in your new country, you may have to pay duty on such items as tobacco, alcohol, electronics, household appliances, medicine, and motor vehicle parts. Before you leave, contact a consular office to get a definitive list of what you can bring into your new country tariff free.

Restricted Items – There are several items that you won’t be able to bring into other countries. The list of restricted items will differ for each country, but you can assume that poisonous chemicals, hazardous materials, and explosives will not be accepted in any country. Additionally, some not-so-obvious things like plants, seeds, rare animals, animal products, and firearms will be refused entry into many countries.

Bringing along a restricted item may result in a delay in the release of your belongings, large fines, or the possible seizure of your entire shipment.

Transporting Documents – It is recommended that you carry all of your important documents on your person during the move, rather than packing them away with the rest of belongings. Keep them safe in a briefcase or a sealed portfolio as you travel. If you need to show documentation as you’re traveling, you will have easy access to these materials.

Pets – Bringing a pet along on your international move can be a long and expensive process. As with everything, different countries have their own policies and restrictions when it comes to bringing in pets. You should first find out if you pet will be allowed in the country, some types of animals and even dog breeds won’t be permitted in certain countries. If your pet will be allowed into the country, make sure you know what documents are needed, such as vaccination and medical records. You will also have to make arrangements for your pet to be quarantined upon arrival.

Medicine – If you take any prescription medications, you should check to see if your specific medication can be brought into your new country. You will also need to find out if you can get more of your medicine in your new country. Keep in mind that medicines may be listed by their generic names, so talk to your doctor before leaving to get this information. Additionally, certain medications that you need a prescription for in your home country may be available over the counter in other countries, and vice versa.

Antiquities – You may have to pay some duty if you plan on bringing your antiques to your new country, the age of the antiques will determine if they can be carried duty-free. Make sure you have an appraiser assess your antiques, and bring his or her report along with you. Remember, objects made from rare animal parts, like ivory, leather, and feathers may be restricted. Also, consider how the climate of your new location will affect your valuable antiques or artwork

International moving costs are based on total volume and / or weight of your personal belongings. Even though exact volume cannot be determined until final packing is completed, our representative’s possess the necessary experience to make sure the freight forwarder is able provide an estimate that is as near as possible to the final cost.

The cost of moving internationally usually includes air or ocean transportation charges and packing and unpacking services of the carrier’s origin and destination agents. Most shipments will be shipped in lift vans, 20′ or 40′ containers. You will want to work with a full service international moving company so your costs will also include charges for storage, servicing of appliances, custom duty, liability coverage or extra pick up or deliver.

International rates are not regulated and can be very competitive. Call our office at 800-896-2594 to request a free in-home estimate for your international move.

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