Stress-Free Local Moves in Southern California: A Comprehensive Local Moving Checklist
1 Apr

Stress-Free Local Moves in Southern California: A Comprehensive Local Moving Checklist

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You’re moving down to the road to El Cajon. You’re excited about this life change, but starting to feel anxious. Follow this moving checklist for California locals, and you’ll enjoy a stress-free transition.

  • Your first move, as it were, should be to hire the best local movers in El Cajon: McCarthy Transfer. A professional moving crew will make moving day a snap.
  • Once you’ve hired movers, it’s time to start preparing. You should start by creating a checklist. Oh wait, you already have this one. You’re on a roll!
  • Before you pack, purge. Moving is easier if you travel light. Collect the clothes you haven’t worn in two years and the toys your kids have stopped playing with. Drop them off at a thrift store or, if you’re feeling ambitious, hold a yard sale. As long as no dead weight finds its way into the moving van.
  • Start packing early. Don’t wait until the week of the move to pack away winter coats and Christmas decorations. Tackle the daunting project of packing one step at a time, starting with items your family doesn’t use daily and won’t need until after the move.
  • Create a moving binder. This may sound dorky, but it works. Fill a binder with clear plastic sleeves, and fill those sleeves with important documents. Keep rental and lease agreements, a list of key addresses and phone numbers, and other important files there. Keep the binder with you, close at hand, not on the moving truck.
  • Because you have key contact information handy, you’ll have no trouble contacting your utility companies and the post office to ensure there will be service in your new home. Remember to cancel electric and water service to the address you’re leaving, and alert the post office there.
  • Stock up on moving supplies. Buy box cutters, markers, packing tape, garbage bags and cleaning supplies. These items will serve you well as you unpack, and as you prepare your new family get a clean start in its new home.
  • Put those moving supplies – and other key items – in a bin for moving day. Fill this bin with medications, a few of the kids’ favorite toys, toothbrushes and changes of clothes. Put the moving day binder in there, too. Keep the bin with you, not buried in the truck.
  • Keep your moving boxes organized and labeled. Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box: This will make packing and unpacking easier. Mark boxes with color-coded labels (yellow stickers for the living room, blue for the kitchen, etc.) so the movers will know where to set them.
  • One last thing on this local moving checklist for people relocating within San Diego County: Remain patient. Pace yourself as you oversee the move. Don’t fret when things don’t go according to plan. Smile and exhibit grace in the face of every challenge.

Challenges will be held to a minimum if you hire McCarthy Transfer to do the heavy lifting. Get your free moving quote for your move to El Cajon by calling us at 619-596-2594 or by filling out this online form!

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