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How to Move a Sleep Number Bed

+ Sleep number bed Moving a bed is usually a simple process that involves moving a frame, box spring and mattress to a different location. Another helping hand can be helpful, but you can generally move a bed by yourself. First, you move and rebuild the bed frame. Then you set up the box springs. Finally, you put the mattress on top and you’re ready to go. Moving a Sleep Number bed is not as simple as your traditional bed. A Sleep Number bed needs disassembling and special attention to packing and storing. If you don’t move your Sleep Number bed the right way, you can risk losing your warranty. If you’re moving your Sleep Number soon, be sure to check out these tips!

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First steps of Moving a Sleep Number Bed

Break down your Sleep Number move into three different parts:

  • Deflating the Sleep Number mattress
  • Disassembling the Sleep Number mattress
  • Packing the Sleep Number mattress
  • Disassembling the base

Even though there are more steps to moving a Sleep Number bed versus your traditional bed, Sleep Number bed is overall easier to move. The Sleep Number bed usually weighs less than your average mattress. Simply moving your Sleep Number mattress takes a little planning ahead.


How to deflate a Sleep Number mattress

Deflating your Sleep Number bed mattress is pretty simple. First, locate the hand-held controller and press the down arrow. If your air mattress is a double chamber, hold the “R” right or “L” left button simultaneously as the down arrow button. The chambers are all out of air when the display reads zero. Deflating a Sleep Number mattress is easy and is something you can do by yourself. Keep your instruction manual nearby. It is crucial to have the manual on hand when you decide to put it all back together after the move. Additionally, the manual is also an excellent visual reference.


Step 1: How to Unzip the Sleep Number 

Your bed can have one or two zippers depending on the model. You can locate the zippers at the head of the bed. You will need to unzip them completely. Don’t forget to check the hidden zippers under the bottom edge of the mattress. Also, duvet-style beds usually have an additional zipper under the first. Set the cover aside once your Sleep Number is open.


Step 2: How to Disconnect and Connect Sleep Number Hoses

First, determine if you have a 360 Smart Bed. These 360 Smart Beds have the pump located inside the base. Unlike traditional Sleep Numbers, the 360 Smart Bed’s hoses detach from the pump, and the connections are on the side. Additionally, you can locate the hoses on a traditional Sleep Number at the head of the bed. Disconnecting your Sleep Number hose is a requirement to move your bed or troubleshoot any air loss. Make sure you have your white closure caps nearby to cap off the air chamber if you do not want them to deflate.

Start by pushing the tab at the end of the hose and gently push to disconnect. If you have a dual bed, do it to the other side. Do this until all hoses are free.


Step 3: How to Remove All Internal Components

Expose the air chambers by folding the foam layers. First, remove the foam sidewalls and tuck them away. Then take care of the corner locks. To help protect and secure the air chambers, roll them up and place them within the foam layers. Don’t forget to remove everything until your Sleep Number’s cover bottom. We suggest taking pictures of each layer and how it looks to help you put things back together.


Step 4: How to Pack and Secure your Sleep Number Pump

The pump is also known as a firmness control system. The pump is fragile, so be careful when handling the pump. Pack it snugly into the box with packing materials to reduce shock and vibration to avoid any damage. Additionally, you can secure the pump further within another box with packing materials.


How to pack your Sleep Number Mattress

You can pack your mattress after you take components apart. Your original packaging will help you get everything together quickly, but don’t fret if you threw the packaging away. A few heavy-duty storage containers will work just fine. Depending on your storage situation, fold and roll your Sleep Number’s parts to fit into the containers. To protect further, double bag your items to reduce the chance of humidity.


How to Disassemble your Sleep Number Base

If you purchased a Sleep Number base, the type of base you have determines the steps you need to take. Remember, Sleep Number bases are completely optional. You can use whatever base you like as long as it supports your bed. Dealing with a modular base is simple.


  • The first step is to disassemble your base. Do this by pushing the decking panels off the frame. You can do this by moving the decking panels to the side and then sliding them completely.
  • Second, remove the center support beam, which is present in full, queen, and king size models.
  • Next, slide the side panels up and out. If your base has legs, detach the legs by unscrewing the wingnuts. If you want to avoid injury and damage to personal property, we suggest moving the base with another person.


How to Disassemble FlexFit Bases

Your steps are not that different if you have a FlexFit base. Because FlexFit bases work with your SleepIQ Technology app, these designs require special attention to their power sources, that then require attention to packing as well.


Step 1: Remove Your Sleep Number Mattress Retainers

Depending on the size of your bed, your mattress will come with retainers. These retainers connect the base to the bottom of your bed. Usually, your bed will come with two to eight retainers. Removing the retainers will require a 7/16 socket for a hex head bolt. Keep all your hardware in a bag during your move for easy access.

Step 2: Slide Out Decking Panels

Start by pushing the decking panels to the side and pulling them loose. Move the panels to the side and secure them together with a protective moving blanket or cover to avoid any damage during the move.

Step 3: Unplug the Control System

Start by unplugging the control from the outlet and place it next to the remotes in a container. Make sure to secure and protect the control system to avoid any damage during your transportation. You can also attach the cables to the frame by tying them with zip ties or other similar items like bungees. Do this to both sides of the bed if you have a dual.

Step 4: Remove Sleep Number Bed Straps (not available on all models)

King-sized Sleep Number beds come with a bed strap that connects two bases. Remove the straps by loosening the bed legs after you disconnect the bed. Do not completely remove the legs to help provide base support. Don’t forget to screw back the legs to avoid bending during transport. We suggest marking your bases with left and right labels to remember how you initially set the bed up.


Moving your Sleep Number bed can be intimidating, especially if you’re moving a long distance. Thankfully, Sleep Number parts pack down to easier than a traditional mattress. If you break the process down, the steps to taking apart your Sleep Number are not that difficult overall. Hopefully, this guide provides you with an idea of what to expect when moving your sleep number. If this is too much work for you, let us do it! Besides, wouldn’t you rather be doing something fun?

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