10 Feb

Packing Tip – Lamps

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Packing Tips – Lamps and Lampshades

Pack lamps with bedding or wrap separately and place upright in clean, tissue-lined carton.

Remove bulbs, harps and shades. Roll up cord. Wrap harp and finial (decorative knob) with packing paper and tape to inside wall of carton that contains shade.

Most lamp bases can be wrapped with bubble wrap or newsprint and packed in a standard moving box. You can purchase special lamp boxes for taller lamps.

Use newsprint, peanuts or extra bubble wrap to fill any spaces so the lamps will not shift during the move.

Lamp shades can be packed in a medium sized packing box (3.0 cu ft). Wrap shades in tissue, not newspaper as it can leave ink on your shade. Place upright in large, tissue lined cartons.

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