18 Apr

Planning a Summertime Move

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We may be in the midst of spring but its time to start planning for that summer time move.

Summer time is the most popular time to move. Whether moving a short distance or across the country it’s tempting to leave everything to the last minute. Unfortunately you can’t just throw your whole house into a beach bag and go. Better moves begin with proper planning.

Plan ahead. Get quotes from multiple moving companies to get the best deal that is right for you and your needs. Ask plenty of questions and be sure to talk with them about the different options available for insurance and full-service moves such as packing and unpacking services and providing boxes and packing supplies.

1. Go with a name you know: Find three moving companies that have offices in your area and have been in business for at least 10 years. You can schedule a free in-home no obligation estimate with McCarthy Transfer & Storage by calling our office at 619-596-2594.

2. Get a referral: Word of mouth is the strong indicator of reliability- ask friends, family, neighbors and colleagues.

3. Ask for an in-home estimate: Transportation charges are based not only on the distance of the move, but also on the weight of the items being moved. To ensure that your estimate is accurate, have the moving company come and look at the items you need to move.

4. Don’t be hooked by the lowest price: Disreputable movers often lure customers with low-ball prices and then hit them with unreasonable charges or in extreme cases hold their belongings for ransom. Get three estimates: if one is much lower than the others, that is a red flag.

5. Be sure the company is who it says: Some disreputable movers try to lure customers in by using names that are very similar to reputable companies. Check the reputable company’s website to make sure the local agent is affiliated with the brand name it is claiming.

6. Don’t pay up front: Typically you should not be required to pay a deposit to have your items moved. Most companies request payment at the time of delivery.

7. Do your research: If you are moving interstate, go to protectyourmove.gov to find out if a mover is licensed for interstate moves by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association.

8. Get it in writing: Ask for pickup and delivery dates in writing.

9. Know your rights: Request a copy of “Your Rights and Responsibilities When You Move,” a brochure created by the Federal Highway Administration that outlines consumers’ rights, available here. Federal law requires movers to give this to customers prior to an interstate move.

Get ready. Once you’ve selected a mover, begin by taking inventory of your belongings and their worth and decide what will be coming with you to your next home.

Have a garage sell, the less you take with you, the less your overall move will cost.

At least a couple of weeks before the move, make arrangements to transfer or disconnect electricity, gas line, phone numbers, change of address, credit cards and all bills you may have. You should contact the companies and let them know of your new address and the date of the transfer.

Start packing things into boxes. Figure out the logistics of the move, travel plans and if other specialized plans need to be made.

Read our moving tips and use our checklist to help you get organized and prepared for your upcoming move.

Move. Plan to arrive at your home a day ahead of time, if possible, to make sure utilities are connected and to plan placement of major items in your home. If you won’t be there, make sure someone will be there to direct the movers. Make sure the driver has in writing the name and phone number of that person

Be ready to pay the driver with cash, traveler’s check, certified check or money order prior to your goods being unloaded if you haven’t already made arrangements with your moving company to pay by credit card.

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