15 May

Pack like a Pro

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Pack like a Pro

It is never too early to begin packing for a move. Organizing your packing will not only make the actual moving process faster but as you pack you will be able to see the progress you are making.

Assemble all your packing materials before getting started and only tackle one room at a time. Gather boxes, packing tape, markers, paper and some bubble wrap and keep it all in one place. If you are running low on supplies you can easily tell what you may need to pick up.

Do not have boxes spread all over the house in every single room and closet; place the boxes as you pack them in central location. Eventually, you will have more empty spaces then full ones, and the people loading will not be searching every cabinet, drawer and room for items to load onto the truck.

Packing. Packing one room at a time (and staying with that room until it is fully packed) has the effect of dividing a huge project into several smaller more manageable tasks. This approach also makes it possible to set realistic goals, i.e. pack the dining room today, the kitchen tomorrow, etc.

No matter what you’re packing, you should use crumpled packing paper in between each layer to assure a snug fit wherever there’s a gap. All boxes with “fragile” items should be marked accordingly. Make sure all boxes can close properly and are sealed so the tops are flat. If you under or over pack a box you risk damage.

Make sure that heavier items are on the bottom and don’t pack a large box full of books. Even if you are using professional movers, do not pack a box so heavy that you can not lift it yourself.

Labels. You do not need to list everything that is in the box but you should include: room and general content.

Boxes. Its not all about the boxes but using the correct box for what you are packing is fundamental to proper packing.You do not have to use new boxes but you should use moving boxes; do not use the boxes from the grocery or big box store. You can find people giving away boxes on-line or your moving company may even supply you with gently used boxes.

Box Sizes

Small 1.5 (16.75″/12.5″/12.5″)

Books, movies, music, wine, toiletries, office supplies, cooking utensils, computer software and peripherals, knickknacks & fragile items

Medium 3.0 (18″/18″/16″)

Pots and pans, shoes and purses, toys, small pictures, misc. kitchen items, papers, lamp shades, linens, folded clothing

Large 4.5 (18″/18″/24″)

Blankets and linens, med kitchen appliances, table lamps, garden tools, med bulky items, pots and pans

X-Large 6.0 (22″/22″/21.6″)

Bedding, Blankets, towels, toys, pillows

Dish packs (18″/18″/27″)

Dishes, glasses, fragile items

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