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Moving Tip – Garage

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Packing up Your Garage

When you are getting ready to move, you should pack your garage and kitchen first. Packing up the kitchen is time consuming and packing the garage can be overwhelming, because they contain so many different types of items of different shapes and sizes. The garage also can be the place where everyone tosses things randomly, adding to the chaos.

Spend a little time getting organized before you start packing. You will probably vow to be more organized in the garage and shed in your new home!

Before You Start Packing, start by getting rid of items that can’t be moved. Your garage or storage shed may contain a lot of hazardous materials that aren’t permitted on the moving truck, including charcoal, pesticides, motor oil and fertilizer. Ask your mover for a complete list of non-allowable items.

Give them away, or safely dispose of them. Sort through the garage, and get rid of things you don’t want to pay to move. Old bicycles, gardening equipment, and other unwanted items can be donated, sold, or thrown out. Clean dirty items as best you can before moving them. Caked on mud and dirt can contaminate other items during the move.

Gather the packing items you will need: boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, drop cloths, packing tape and markers.

Small tools, nails and screws can be moved in the plastic boxes that you keep them in. Tools with long handles, like rakes and mops, can be bundled together. You can tie or tape them together, and wrap them in a pad. Make sure that sharp ends are carefully wrapped. You might want to transport them in a garbage can.

Power tools should be drained of gas and oil before the move. Pack hand tools in their tool boxes or small boxes. Fill empty space with packing materials to prevent shifting.

Sports gear can be packed in large boxes or garbage cans. Pack your bicycles in special bicycle cartons which are available from your mover.

Outdoor furniture cushions can be removed and packed in a big box. Furniture frames can be wrapped in blankets or cloths by the movers. Make sure your umbrella is clean and dry. Tape it shut, and wrap it in paper or plastic. Sheds and swing sets should be disassembled. Place the hardware in plastic bags and tape well to the structure that it belongs too. Take photographs before you take them apart, so you know how the reassembled items should look.

The Grill Charcoal and gas cannot be moved. If you have charcoal grill, empty and clean the charcoal from the grill. For a gas grill, disconnect and remove the gas tank.

Tools and other items that are kept in the garage or storage shed can be heavy.

Don’t make your moving cartons too heavy, or they will be difficult to move.

Label each box “GARAGE” with a brief description of its contents. Keep a longer, more detailed list of what is in each box, so that you can easily find things.

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