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Packing Tip (Dishes)

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Packing Tip – Dishes

A common mistake many customers make is to use light weight boxes to pack fragile items, such as ceramic/glass table lamps, statues, electronics, DVD, VCR, china dishes etc… This can be a big and problematic situation. These light weight boxes are not strong enough and can’t provide enough protection for glass items.

How to pack glass, fragile dishes..

For packing dishes and glassware, we have a special box called a dish pack. This is a more rigid box that can handle more weight and is designed for these items specifically. You should use this box in order to pack safely most of your fragile dishware and glasses.

1.Use lots of tape on the bottom of the box to prevent the weight of your dishes from pushing the box open when moved.

2. Before placing any dishes in the dishpack, simply fold a sheet of bubble wrap to create a double level of bubble wrap at the bottom of the box. This will cushion the bottom of the box and add protection to the items or you can use several pieces of crumpled up newsprint.

3. Start with the dish plates. Usually, you can form two vertical rows of dish plates one next to the other. Beware! Do not put them one of top each other. This is a common mistake, people usually stack them one on top of each other, and this will create too much pressure that the probability of breakage is higher. It’s very important to position them vertically one next to each other instead of stacking them.

4. All the glass dishes must be wrapped with newsprint. If one of the glass items should break during the move, the broken item will stay trapped in the paper and avoid spreading all over the box.

Some people choose to save money and use old newspaper to wrap dishes. This is mistake. The newspaper ink can stain the dishes not to mention make a mess of your hands while packing.

5. After completing the first level of plate’s dishes, please place another sheet of bubble wrap or crumpled paper to create a new level. It doesn’t have to be even but it needs to be used as a soft divider for the second level.

6. You can now put thicker drinking glass or coffee/tea mugs. Make sure to double wrap them the newsprint. You can place them in the box horizontally.

7. After each row you want to place another sheet of bubble wrap or newsprint to create a new level. You can place all the wine glasses or thinner fragile glasses at this and the next level.

8. Do not fill the box all the way to the top with dishes and glassware, leave enough space to add another layer or two of bubble wrap or paper to avoid breakage but make sure not to leave any empty space at the top of the box. Fill it up with newsprint. Take some newsprint, form paper balls, and place them equally all on top of the box and between dishes so to keep every item in the box secured during transportation.

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