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Your Move from San Diego

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Every customer has unique needs. The first thing to decide is how much of the moving work you’ll do yourself and how much will be handled by professional movers. If your employer is paying for the move you can take it easy and watch the professional movers do nearly all of the work. If you’re paying for the move yourself, you might opt to do your own packing to save money.

If you are moving out of a building with a loading dock or an elevator, let your property manager know about the move as early as you can. Many places have tight rules and regulations on these facilities, and they can be booked up well in advance. Also, be sure to let us know if you need proof of insurance. We can and will meet all of their requirements.

Packing: Before your moving day, determine whether you or the movers will be responsible for packing and unpacking your belongings.You want to make sure that all non-furniture items are packed in boxes and ready to go prior to the arrival of your movers. Most of our customers pack up the easy things (books, music or video collection, games, etc) and have us do some of the tougher items (dishes, china, and other sensitive pieces). Before we arrive to pack, you will want to make sure your home is organized and ready for them to put everything into boxes. You are ready for the movers when you look around and see just furniture and boxes

If you’re doing the packing, make sure you use plenty of newspaper, bubble wrap or blankets for padding. This is important because if what you pack breaks during transport, the movers may not be held liable for it. Be sure to have enough boxes on hand and label them with your name, room destination and contents so it’s easier to keep track of where it all needs to go in your new space.

Move Day: Keep in mind that the movers may be arriving to your home in a large truck. If you live in an area where parking is scarce, try to save a parking space with a car or a couple of cars, if possible. It is a shame to have everything packed nicely only to find out that the movers can’t get a truck near your door.

Home Prep. When you hire professional movers they will be taking the time to protect the doors, floors, hallways and banisters of your old home and your new home.

Taking Inventory. A team member will document all the cartons and separate furniture items on an inventory form, writing descriptions of each. Upon delivery, you’ll review the inventory sheets and verify all items are received. It’s a proven system for your peace of mind.

Disassemble/Reassembly & Placing Your Furniture. As you would expect from a full-service moving company, your moving crew will take apart beds and any other furniture that needs to be taken apart. At your new home they will put back together anything they took apart and will place your furniture for you. They’ll carry cartons to the kitchen, bedrooms, basement and garage as marked. They’ll unroll rugs, reassemble beds, and put them where you say.

Delivery: Make sure that you (or somebody) will be there to receive your belongings. You should have a plan of where you want the furniture placed as well prior to your movers coming to deliver your furniture.

Unpacking. If you choose, your crew will unpack every plate, cup, glass and spoon; place them on the kitchen counter; and take away the packing material when they leave. Keep in mind that a cost is involved in this service.


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