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Getting Ready for the Moving Truck at the New House

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Before the movers arrive with your belongings you will want to prepare house for your and the movers.

Check out the house to see where the main circuit breaker and the water shut off valve are located. Have a look at the furnace to see how to change filters. Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide detectors have batteries installed. Replace any burned out light bulbs. Take a tour of the new neighborhood to familiarize yourself with where various stores are located. Walk or drive the children by their new school.

1. Painting – If you know in advance which rooms you want painted, getting the job done before you move in is a very practical idea.

2. Cleaning – You want to start out with a clean home, so doing a full clean or hiring a cleaning service to do the job before all of the furniture is moved in will make the process much easier. If you have the time, wipe out cupboards, put down new shelf paper and other similar tasks in advance.

3. Floor Plan – Prepare a floor plan in advance, so you and your movers know where all major pieces of furniture are to be placed. This will save significant moving time, and make sure heavy items aren’t repeatedly lifted.

4. Taking Delivery – When the moving truck arrives you will probably need to check off the items on the mover’s inventory as they come off the truck to ensure that all of your belongings arrive at the new house. Make sure boxes are placed in the correct rooms as labelled and the furniture is placed where you want it. .

5. Start Unpacking– Main rule here: As you unpack it, put it where it goes and break down the boxes and throw away the paper. Do not start another box until everything is put away. Once you have unpacked put an ad on Craigslist and give them away free rather than trying to convince your trash man to take them away.

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