20 Sep

Tips for Moving Your Valuables

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Tips for Moving Your Valuables

What do you do with Grandma’s china and that big painting over the couch so that they get to your new digs unscathed?

Here are some key tips:

Make sure its covered

Remember that no matter how careful you are in choosing movers, accidents can happen, boxes can be bumped or dropped or shift during transit. What can be controlled is making sure you’re adequately covered should an accident occur. If you have packed the valuables yourself in a box know that the contents of that box are probably not covered. Let your movers pack grandmas fine china and the art work.

Create an Inventory/Take pictures

Documenting every book you have may not be worth your time, but making notes and taking photographs of your more meaningful and valuable possessions can help, should anything go wrong. It’s easier to make a claim with your homeowner’s insurance, or the moving company’s, if you have documentation of the original state.

Small Valuables Goes With You

The movers don’t want your medical records, jewelry, medications or important paperwork damaged or misplaced any more than you do. No matter how honest and organized your movers are, we suggest you keep your stamp collection, medications, firearms and important papers in your vehicles during the move.

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