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Senior Relocation

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San Diego Senior Moving

Moving is a stressful and emotional experience. Moving at the later stage of life, however, can be especially difficult, especially if independence is being sacrificed and the family home is being left behind. It’s easy to understand why people want to stay put. Perhaps for the first time in their life, the elderly also experience a loss of control. It is hard to give up control. Often, this manifests as resistance. As in, “I’m not moving if I can’t take my dining room table!”

There are many reasons for senior citizens to consider moving. Retirement, changes in lifestyle, or for health reasons to name a few. Perhaps they decide to move closer to family members because the ability to “get around” has become more difficult. Some seniors decide to move into a smaller home that is easier to keep and maintain.

When helping to relocate elderly, we can help make this transition much more pleasant for your loved one. The key is to involve them. The more they feel in control, the easier it will be. Learning to walk the line between helping them and taking over is critical.

Moving day is a hectic day for everyone, but can be especially stressful for older people. We will explain how the day will go. A difficult part of growing old is that often we have less and less control over the events going on around us. The better you can prepare the older mover by explaining how the day will go, what time the movers will arrive, etc., the easier it will be for them to prepare themselves for all the activity of moving day.

Be sensitive also when it comes to the elderly person possessions – even those that seem mundane and unimportant. Realize that this is a major life change. Some possessions will have more meaning to them – respect that. While it may make complete sense to you that Grandma doesn’t need three tea sets… for her those tea sets represent a time, a place, and her memories. Instead of insisting she donate or sell something meaningful that can’t be taken to her new home, suggest passing it on to a family member.

Start early. The sooner you start preparing an older person for their move the better. This is particularly true if they are downsizing into a smaller home. There are many emotional decisions for them to make. They probably don’t move as quickly (physically or mentally) as they used to. Giving them plenty of time will save frustration for everyone.

Let’s face it, moving is not fun, regardless of age or situation. But some careful planning can make the transition easier, safer, and smoother for everyone. Whatever the reason is for deciding to move, a our family owned San Diego moving company can provide you or your family member through the moving process. Remember, getting used to the change can take some time, but with your patient help, they’ll feel at home soon!

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