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Apples to Apples

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Moving Quotes

If you’re getting ready to move, it’s important to hire a moving company that you can trust. Be wary of Online Movers – Even though getting a quote online is free and easy, choose a well-known van line that will provide you with an in-home estimate, plus the reassurance of experience and quality.

Most people just look at the bottom-line when hiring a moving company – but choosing the lowest price can sometimes leave you with unexpected up-charges or headaches on moving day. As a basic rule, when you are buying a service – you typically get what you pay for. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

We recommend that you get 2-3 moving quotes and compare the following items in order to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Weight: Beware of any moving company that offers to give you a quote over-the-phone. A reputable moving company will always conduct an in-home estimate in order to accurately quote the weight of your items. Compare the weight on each quote to ensure each company is estimating the same amount of items.

Packing: If you’ve requested packing service or packing materials, make sure the quantity and box types are equal across quotes.

Service: Ensure you know the level of service you will receive for each quote. For instance, be sure to ask each moving company how they plan on moving appliances, TVs and fragile items. Ask how they plan on protecting your home during the move, be sure to research their reputation online and ensure they’re ProMover certified.

Insurance: Know what kind of coverage or protection is included in each quote. Request coverage on a $0 deductible basis and review the cost across all companies.

Comparing Apples to Apples

Making an “apples-to-apples” cost comparison can be difficult if you do not move often but it is easy for a mover to do…if you tell each mover the quantity you want your estimate to be based upon. The mover should be happy to accommodate this reasonable request. Once you get estimates, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples before you make your pick. After all, you’re putting your belongings in someone elses care, so take the time to make the best choice.

The problem with making an “apples-to-apples” comparison between mover’s cost estimates is that each mover is probably estimating different shipment weights and services to be provided. Simply thank each mover for their cost estimate and then ask each mover to provide a cost estimate for the same weight and services or ask each move for multiple estimate for example: one for 8,000 pounds, one for 10,000 pounds, one for 12,000 pounds.

There is one other important factor to note; when requesting the estimate(s) from your movers be certain that each move in including the same services on each cost estimate. For example, have each mover include full replacement value loss or damage liability on each estimate. Or, if you want the mover to pack your dishes, make certain the each mover’s estimate includes packing the same 10 “disk packs.” Or, if there is an extra stop-off to be made, make certain that each mover’s estimate includes an extra-stop-off charge.

I would recommend that you do not discourage your mover from providing you with their estimate of the weight or time they estimate as required to complete your move. However, once you have obtained each mover’s estimate go back to each mover and ask them to provide you with moving cost estimates based on identical quantities and services. This will allow you to easily uncover the true cost differences between each moving company.

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