10 May

What Next – after your survey but before booking

  • By: Doug MAUSHARDT
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Are you ready to schedule your move?

Once you have had an in-home survey done and received the estimate in writing, you want to make sure you understand what you are given before making that final decision on which mover to use.

Lets start with knowing what to look for – does the estimate indicate a weight and what services such as a shuttle, packing and unpacking, etc. are included? Check your contact information as well as the origin and destination addresses. Are they correct?

Double check the pack, load and delivery dates. Is your loading date an exact date or a spread of dates? Also check the range of delivery dates? Are you going to have keys to your new home on that first possible delivery day? If they dates are not right, make sure you get one with those correct dates. A change in the pickup date(s), may result in a change in the price of your move.

Especially understand that if you are promised a specific delivery date from the get go, you are probably paying through the teeth for that or it was a lie. We can often get a specific pick up date but a guaranteed delivery day requires a wish granted from the logistical planning Gods. Most drivers can let you know when they will deliver on the day they load your belongings but not much more destination addresses. Wrong zip codes can effect the cost of your move.

Also, be clear on the type of estimate you are given. It seems pretty cut-and-dried, but you’d be amazed how many times a customer is not aware of the type of estimate they agreed to and are shocked when they cost escalates. Make sure you know the difference between a non-binding, a firm binding and binding with option estimate and what kind you have been issued. Is it the right type for you?

Be realistic about the expectations of you move. Our business is not perfect, things happen on our side and the customers’ that fall out of everyone’s control. Sometimes a truck may break down and need to go into the shop for a day or two, some times escrow gets delayed, many times its the weather that can result in an unexpected change in how your move will be executed.

If you have questions you can call Wheaton | Bekins Customer Service and its platoon of Quality Assurance Program experts, they are there for the customer before, during and after the move and can answer many of your questions if your sales person is not available .

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