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How to Avoid a Bad Mover

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Moving is stressful enough without having to worry about your mover. Unfortunately, the moving industry just like many other service related industries is full of brokers, scammers and just plain old untrustworthy people who are out to take your money.

McCarthy Transfer & Storage has been in the moving industry for over 92 years and has seen it all. We will help you with your upcoming move and take away the stress of moving.

Tips to Avoid being Scammed

Avoid the Broker - A moving broker is definitely not a mover. Brokers do not have the operational and logistic capabilities moving companies have. They do not have moving trucks, professional movers, proper moving equipment, and in a lot of cases not much moving experience. Moving brokers are sales teams that book your move and sell it to an actual moving company.

Check References - Every legitimate moving company is licensed but not every licensed company is legit. It's unfortunately true, even though a moving company is state licensed, that alone is not a good enough indicator of their business practice. Check references very carefully. Be especially careful with Internet-based movers. There are obviously reputable firms online, but there are an unusual number of horror stories from customers who hired movers online.

Get an Estimate - Better yet if you are moving out of state get at least 3 in-home estimates. Be wary of phone or internet estimates. It's a place to start but if you are moving more than a 2 bedroom apartment you really need to have an in-home estimate. Show the mover everything that will be moved, including items in attics, basements, garages, storage areas, sheds, etc. Typically two of the estimates will be very close together in price, weight, and service. Select one of those two estimates. The other bid will be very high or low. Avoid that carrier. If a moving company tells you they charge by the cubic foot - BEWARE: companies that charge by the cubic foot are almost always rogue movers.

Put it in Writing - Always insist on receiving all your agreements in writing. It doesn't matter how nice the moving company salesperson appears to be, verbal guarantees are useless and will not stand up in court.

Avoid Deposits - If you are moving locally providing a small deposit can be a good thing. It will secure your move date and you have a record of contact with your moving company. If moving long distance on the other hand, this is not a good sign. Be VERY wary of any mover that asks for a large deposit to secure a move date. Wheaton World Wide Moving does not require any shipper to put down a deposit.

Know Your Rights - It is of utmost importance that you understand your rights when working with moving companies. Many scams are based on the assumption that the victim is not aware of their rights and the mover's responsibilities. You can find the US Department of Transportation's list of these rights at Being equipped with the knowledge that movers must give written estimates and that you can request guaranteed pick-up and delivery dates can give you leverage in the event of a dispute.

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